Mamas! You are in for such a treat today! I loved my conversation for Lori Kennedy, the podcast host of The Business of Becoming for so many reasons! Lori and I have very similar beliefs on our own responsibility in parenting life post divorce. I love her determination and ownership of letting herself truly feel the feelings and emotions of life post divorce and allowing them in as she worked on herself and who she wanted to be and become.

Lori is a highly successful entrepreneur who started as a registered holistic nutritionist and went on to build a company that helps health and wellness coaches make money online. Lori and her team run an annual live event called the Wellness Business Summit.  To learn more, go to The Wellness Business Hub. Or give her a follow at Lori Kennedy Inc

In this episode we talk about going through and rising above divorce (but really the tips Lori shares can be used in going through any challenge in life). We then dive into being more than mommy and Lori shares her tips to focus on herself and her business while being mom to 2 busy kids.  This includes one of my favorite topics – MORNING ROUTINES! Lori has a morning routine she calls Magic Mornings for many years and she said it is her #1 secret to success in life and business. I agree! It has been a game changer in my life as well.

Loti shares a quote that I am obsessed with “behave in a way your future self would be proud of” . BOOM . so powerful right?

I can’t wait for you to listen and we would love to hear what you think! Leave a review and perhaps it will be featured on a coming episode.

Don’t forget the 5 Day Challenge to More than Mommy Mornings starts January 14th, join this free and fun way to explore if a morning routine like Lori and I do is right for you1 . Join here!

xo, Julie

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