Hey Mamas! This is Part Two in a 3 part mini series of episodes where I share what I finally learned after thinking what most people make the mistake of thinking their whole lives:

When I achieve the goal, get the job, lose 10 lbs, when the kids get older, when my husband gets more romantic, when we buy the house, when we have more money……THEN I WILL BE HAPPY.

You can insert whichever goal, person, thing into that sentence. When I have ________ I will be happy.

There is NO thing, person or achievement that can ever provide you happiness. You may be thinking that you know this. But it is a sneaky thing that we don’t always recognize.

We are often WAITING to be happy. This is what I talk about in episode 62, #2 in this 3 part series. I would love to hear if this resonates with you – let me know!

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