Hey mamas! Can’t wait for you to check out episode 74 of the podcast! I had the opportunity to interview a friend of mine that I met in the Mommy Millionaire Mastermind, Lisa Lupo.  We talk all things side hustle and her top tips for integrating self care and alignment as you build your empire!

Lisa was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and lived there for the first 28 years of her life before relocating to Montana with her husband Chris and their chocolate lab Kona.  Seeking a change of pace they spent the next 9 years in the snowy mountains!  Both having a background in fitness and personal training, they opened a CrossFit gym and ran it for 5 years before deciding to get out of the snow and head to the desert!

Being entrepreneurial and passionate about helping people transform, they took on a second business in the wellness space and built that along side their gym.  Lisa has spent the greater part of the last 8 years building that business and in early 2019 she chose to pivot and step away from the 8 year partnership with their first company to launch a new home based business partnered with a company she and Chris felt better aligned with focusing on anti-aging and wellness for men and women over the age 30.

Be sure to check her out at www.chrisandlisalupo.com

Thanks, mamas!

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