Do you sometimes get stuck and wonder what to do next to scale your business? Or are you starting to lose the joy you had from when you first started as an entrepreneur? Then this episode is definitely for you! In this episode we chat with Laura Meyer, a brand strategist, who shares her entrepreneur journey and how she now works with six and seven figure companies!

She gives some great insight and tips from her entrepreneur journey to help you realize that sometimes you just have to take steps and get things done before it’s perfect. She also talks about how to be obsessed with your customer and what they want. One of the best things she said was, “When you love the work, you know you’re on the right track!” This episode will help you find ways to scale your business with joy!

Laura Meyer is a serial entrepreneur who has scaled multiple six- and seven-figure online and offline companies over the last fifteen years. She helps national brands and high-growth entrepreneurs with profit growth, effective marketing and brand strategy.

More about Laura:

Instagram @Laurenemeyer


Podcast: The Scale with Joy Show

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