Want to stop overcomplicating social media, your network marketing business or your online business? Check out this backstage pass about the Standout Breakout Formula, which is the training being taught this week LIVE with Julie.

Here’s a sneak peek into what you are going to learn:

Day 1-Personal Brand you are going to stand out because of what’s unique about you

Day 2- Who is Your Ideal Customer-if we talk to everyone, we talk to nobody

Day 3- Messaging Blueprint-understand your content and what you are sharing

Day 4- Simplified Social Media Strategy

The last day- Go over these 4 core things that you need to be doing on the regular so that your business is growing. 

The free masterclass for the Standout Breakout Formula is live NOW this week. You can still register and join us this week. Click here to REGISTER: julieciardi.com/masterclass

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