Do you pick a word for the year? Have you picked your word for 2021 yet? In this episode I chat with you about why picking a word of the year is important to me and how it’s helped me in my business growth. I reveal to you my three words for next year! Yes, I picked three this time because I see my 2021 in three segments. I really want you to think about what your word, or words, might be. Your word should fuel you into excitement to help you go after what you want next year! Think about where you are at now, what phase of your business you are in and where it is you want to go. Make your dreams happen! It can be as simple as having a word that helps you stay focused on those big goals. I want to help you get there. I have something amazing planned for you in 2021. Stick around for the 200th podcast episode that is going to be released on January 1st!


Julie Info-

Don’t miss the big celebration and announcements for the new year when we air the 200th podcast episode on January 1st!! 

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