5 years ago…I had no idea I could make an additional income stream outside of my corporate job while I was still working my day job. You can do whatever you want like be a stay at home mom or work a day job AND have something else that you’re building. Now I’m on a mission to help women start earlier than I did and help them not give up.


How many of you would love to see your business hit $9,000 or more a month?? That’s a 6 figure business. You can do it!  There is no overnight success but there are overnight breakthroughs. The breakthroughs happen when you put time in. Hitting that 6 figures takes time and consistency. You can do this! And next week in my masterclass, I’m going to show you HOW!

Julie’s Info:

The free masterclass for the Standout Breakout Formula starts January 25th! Click here to REGISTER: julieciardi.com/masterclass

You can also text the word VIP to 617-752-8155 to get the VIP reminders and concierge service so you don’t miss any part of the masterclass!


QUESTIONS? Email us at team@julieciardi.com

Julie’s Book Standout Breakout Formula is available on Amazon. CLICK HERE

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