Are you still trying to figure out what you want to be known for? My chat with Kirsten Roldan was really motivating as we talked about her journey to create a business she loves. We talked about how you can use your skills to create a business, how to find clients and the importance of small business wins, the path to real business success, and figuring out who your ideal customer is. We also talk about the real meaning behind branding and why it’s way more than just your colors and fonts. This conversation will help you take a minute to remind yourself of what is it you truly want to be known for and how this ultimately shapes yours branding, your messaging, your offers, and your entrepreneur path. Take a listen for some great insights!

 Kirsten Roldan is a Hispanic & Millennial serial entrepreneur. She is the CEO of The Roldan & Co. Marketing Agency, a boutique firm founded during the pandemic to help entrepreneurs automate course launches, passively get paid and build a community of super fans. She has co-founded The CEO Box, an entrepreneur gifting service and DFY Dreamers, a coaching program for done-for-you service providers. Kirsten believes the key to running multiple businesses is to make sure they can run without you! 


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