In order to achieve your business goals, you are going to have to hustle and no one does the hustle better than Hallie Agostinelli. In this episode, Hallie gives her tips on how going beyond the checklist can help you succeed and that thinking big will be worth it, but you have to do the work. The key points Hallie mentions are:


>Empathy is your super power

>Always angle for a better way

>Don’t be afraid of hard work or who gets the credit

>Ownership for days

>”What else” should be on your checklist

>Be a good human


Hallie is an expert at all things systems and strategy and nothing makes her happier than when she is supporting passionate, engaged entrepreneurs.  She is a #spreadsheetnerd, lover of social media, and a self-improvement junkie. She has found her niche in the online business world and she is proud to say she is a recovering perfectionist.


In supporting over 50 launches in 2020, she has perfected the methods, systems, and workflow to deliver an amazing launch experience to you and your community of people. She has an ambitious, high-quality team with a variety of talents and she would love to work with you! If you are looking for someone to be your Launch BFF, then she is your girl!


More Info about Hallie: 


Instagram: @virtualmatters


Here is the link to the Workshop- How to Become a High Ticket VA


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