Have you ever felt like you can’t quite find your purpose? Or you start down one passion project only to find it wasn’t the right fit? In this interview with Gina Buber, you quickly learn that her journey changed many times and finally led her to where she knew she needed to be. If you are wondering how you get to where you are in the right place, take a listen to this episode!


Gina Buber is an ex-ballroom dancer turned fitness trainer with a six-figure business, and she attributes it all to being highly engaged with her followers. She has more than 100K subscribers on Youtube and a strong IG platform. After a lot of little revelations, she realized that movement is supposed to bring us joy. So she began doing the work to feel more in tune with her body. Her workout DVD’s have even become a best seller on Amazon.


She shows women that it’s more about their state of being than a number on the scale. She is passionate about showing women that their fitness journey can look however they want it to — and it should feel good! 



More about Gina:

Instagram: @uptothebeatfit 

Website: https://www.ginabuber.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wm6Rex4kcvOVpqxNHeAqg 

Podcast: The Girl Interrupted Podcast

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