I get asked a lot, how did you start a business? Most people are stuck on the HOW. But the how isn’t actually always the same for everyone. In fact, most strategies work that you will come across, but I realized that I needed to teach a DIFFERENT how. I teach the how from the inside out. I teach you how to change your mindset and your beliefs about what can really be!

The key is assuming that what you want or dream about happening is going to happen regardless of dips, failures or pivots along the way. Never did I stop with my pursuit of leaving corporate and starting my own business because I assumed it was over because something didn’t go right along the way. I always made the assumption that it was going to happen. Your assumptions become your reality, good or bad. Take a listen to learn more about the power of assumption and share on your social media your biggest takeaway!

Book Reference:

The Power of Assumption by Neville Goddard


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