225 | The Knowing Doing Gap


Think about an area in your life that you’ve wanted to change, anything, and think about the results you WISHED you would have had. How much time have you spent trying to learn more than actually trying to fix it? You are not alone in wanting to learn and get more knowledge, but not see the results you want and this applies to your business too! In this episode I chat with you about the “knowing doing gap”. What does this mean? It means that we think when we know more, we can fix things and be more successful. But knowledge does not equal success, your actions do! Success comes from your habits changing! Take a listen to learn more and hear about some of the resources I’ve used to help me change my mindset and habits.


Read The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles 


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I’m Julie Ciardi!

I am a former Fortune 50 executive (20 years in the corporate world!) and I finally answered my soul’s calling and started my own business in 2017. I am a mom of 3 and married to a retired first responder. I am on a mission to help women create income aligned with their life’s work. I would love to help YOU.