Best Skin Regimen EVER

I have tried EVERything when it comes to skincare. When I wanted to make the switch to clean ingredients, I couldn’t find anything that WORKED. I wanted to treat my fine and deepening lines, have more hydration, collagen and look younger than my 45 years. That’s when I found EVER.

Clean Beautiful Makeup MAde Simple

I love makeup. It can literally transform how you look AND feel about yourself. Confidence is everything. I also like SIMPLE. Do you have a drawer full of makeup in your bathroom? I used to. Until I found EVER – one palette is all you need!

Clean Home Care Products

I began the journey to switching to clean products for my home when I was having issues getting pregnant with my 3rd baby. I knew environmental factors were issues for so many things. I switched to the Honest Company and loved it. But when I found one that would PAY me to share it, I swtiched!

Lean Body Sculpting System

I used to be able to shed a few pounds on demand…you know, when you have a trip coming up or wedding? But after I hit 40, that ability went downhill.  My metabolism wasn’t the same. I came to learn that collagen, hylaronic acid and linoleic acid are all critical to metabolism and are on the decline after age 30. And then I found supplements to support fueling my own metabolism!

CBD Oil & Products

I had chronic elbow pain. To the point where surgery was the next step. I did not want surgery. I heard about the incredible healing powers of CBD and decided to give it a try.  My elbow is completely cured. My husband’s shoulder, back and knee pain..gone.  It can also help inflammation and more. Check it out!

Intermittent Fasting

I have been using Intermittent Fasting for over 6 months and love how it makes me feel. I also like to eat Keto like when I can. I learned the in’s and out’s through this simple online course from Dr. Mary Claire Haver. She makes it so simple! Definitely check this out if you are ready to ditch the diet for good! 

Best Planner

I use both a digital and paper planner. I have been buying planners every year for over 25 years. I have never bought the SAME planner twice…until I tried the Inkwell Press Planner – I am now on my 3rd year! Made for moms, the July – June calendar puts the school year and summer into one planner vs having to use a calendar year planner and switch them out midway through the school year. GENIUS!

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