Website Template

You have to have a website! This is your business’ “storefront” . It is how people know you and buy from you. beautiful website. I didn’t want to spend $1000s on it. I feel so blessed to have found Gillian Sarah! She is a talented doll in Scotland who creates GORGEOUS website templates for WordPress and ShowIt.  For $49, you can purchase one of many many designs and then simply populate your own words and pictures. This website you are viewing is one of her templates!

Social Media & Digital Product Templates

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Podcast artwork, ebooks and more. Sara from Biz Template Babe is a GOD SEND. She creates beautifully crafted Canva templates for all these platforms and digital products are done for you to make content planning and product launching simple!

BEst Email provider!

Email marketing is a HUGE part of your business. You own your email list. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, you control who sees your content and it still remains one of the most important sales tools out there. But you don’t want it to be confusing or overwhelming. ConvertKit makes it all simple and effective! 

Create your Own Podcast

I had no idea how to start a podcast. I also didn’t want to spend $1000s on outsourcing it to someone else. I can’t say enough about Pat Flynn’s course. He is a podcasting guru and he walks you through the step by step process through video on how to set up & launch your podcast. Highly recommend!

Create Your own online courses!

Online courses can be an amazing income generator for your business! Or maybe a membership is on your radar? Kajabi is the BEST! I am a huge fan of Kajabi and it is how I run my courses and my membership! Super simple to use! Check it out!

Cayla Craft Coaching Membership

This is your chance to get access to my coach and mentor Cayla Craft! She is a former ER nurse turned self-made millionaire. Her community is amazing and she teaches all the ways she became a millionaire!

Best Planner

I use both a digital and paper planner. I have been buying planners every year for over 25 years. I have never bought the SAME planner twice…until I tried the Inkwell Press Planner – I am now on my 3rd year! Made for moms, the July – June calendar puts the school year and summer into one planner vs having to use a calendar year planner and switch them out midway through the school year. GENIUS!

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