Lisa Clark, Founder, Raising with Lisa Clark

Julie focuses on getting results and EVERYTHING she recommends are actionable strategies and tactics to get you results! As well, everything is highly implementable.  As a bonus she even looked over some emails I created and provided incredibly helpful feedback and I took her suggestions and updated, accordingly.  

Working with Julie has been the highlight of my year!  I highly recommend her to anyone who is READY to make a shift in their business and get to work! 

Laura Muse, Lifestyle & Business Designer

Working with Julie is a complete joy! She has a magical and charming spirit that prompts me to create change in my own life as I aspire to be the same! Her comforting coaching abilities have allowed me to reflect on my life and take action in areas that I had been avoiding so that I may grow into the success story I am meant to be! The opportunity to work with Julie is the opportunity to ignite your life! I am forever grateful!


I found Julie on a podcast she was being Interview on last year and knew she was the coach for me. Everything she was doing as an entrepreneur, mom and wife is exactly was what I was trying to achieve. I hired Julie as my life & business coach for getting my businesses on the right track, growth and accountability. She has taken me to the next level and helped train my mindset.
She guided me to find my platform in podcasting, create an online community for my listeners and help me with balancing both my businesses, personal and life as a mom. 
Working with Julie has helped me find my purpose and has empowered me to be the entrepreneur I was meant to be.


I invested in Julie Ciardi’s 1:1 business coaching services with the goal of turning my five-year blogging hobby into a monetizing business.  Her guidance, knowledge, and resources allowed me to stay focused and held me accountable to achieve success! Together, Julie and I strategized and developed multiple sources of income for my business and a collaboration package for potential brands.  Throughout our time together, what I didn’t realize is how much I’d utilize Julie for her life coaching skills.  She was there to provide support and mindset shifts as I navigated through the struggle of building a side hustle while being a full-time working mama.  It was like she was my own personal cheerleader!! I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with Julie and highly recommend her services; 1:1 coaching, courses, and of course her podcast, More Than Mommy!  

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