imagine having a side hustle that creates $$$ but also makes you happy


Are you happy? Do you feel confident? what would you do with an extra $500-$2000 a month?

I want to help you create a life you love


Join me every week for my latest episode. I share my own journey from corporate to entrepreneur, navigating motherhood and interviewing incredibly inspiring mom entrepreneurs as they build their empires from purpose and passion.

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I think everyone should have a side hustle! Imagine having $500-$2000 a month doing something you love? Sign me up! Maybe you started one but it is not growing. I can help you. Check out the many ways to connect & work with me.

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 Who is Julie Ciardi?

Hey! I am a Bostonian transplant in New York (yes, that can be fun!), who loves all things marketing, business and entrepreneurship.

I left a corporate marketing executive job after 18 years to start my own businesses and help others create and grow their own dreams.

I am a mom to 3, married to a police sergeant and learning how to do it all like most moms! I would love for you to learn more about me, my background and qualifications!  

I love sharing my journey on podcasts! Check out a few podcasts I have been featured on below!

The results are real….hear it from my clients


Working with Julie is a complete joy! She has a magical and charming spirit that prompts me to create change in my own life as I aspire to be the same! Her comforting coaching abilities have allowed me to……..


Julie focuses on getting results and EVERYTHING she recommends are actionable strategies and tactics to get you results! As well, everything is highly implementable…………

Geovanna Burgess WHite, POdcast Host, Just engaged U&IVersity

I found Julie on a podcast she was being interviewed on last year and knew she was the coach for me. Everything she was doing as an entrepreneur, mom and wife is exactly was what I was trying to achieve. I hired Julie as my life & business coach for………

Heather Nikola, Blogger & Mompreneur, Born to Wear Diamonds

I invested in Julie Ciardi’s 1:1 business coaching services with the goal of turning my five-year blogging hobby into a monetizing business.  Her guidance, knowledge, and resources allowed me to stay focused and held me accountable to achieve success! Together, Julie and I…………