What Do you really want?

5 words that can stir up so many emotions.

What if you can absolutely pursue what you want? What if you could live a life YOU want vs what others think you Should live?

Hey! I am Julie Ciardi. I am a results coach.

My mission is to help women like you break the paradigm of “should” and pursue the life, dreams and purpose inside of you!

 I believe that every woman (yes, YOU!) can have what she wants. Can live a life with wealth, health and happiness.

I see too many women live lives they think they should live, not the lives they want to live.  But not YOU!!! You are here for a reason,


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  Who is Julie Ciardi?

Hey! I am a Bostonian transplant in New York (yes, that can be fun!), who loves all things marketing, business and entrepreneurship.

I left a corporate marketing executive job after 18 years to start my own businesses and help others create and grow their own dreams.

I am a mom to 3, married to a police sergeant and learning how to do it all like most moms! I would love for you to learn more about me, my background and qualifications!  

When I started my side hustle while in corporate, I was frustrated by the lack of support and everyone and their mother offering a course that only address a tactic (Pinterest, Instagram) and not the whole strategy, tactics and the biggest issue…..coaching & accountability.

I decided I was not going to let that be the case for all the women out there struggling to build a profitable business!  

I have two free options to access my trainings and interact with me! One is the IGNITE Her Mind Podcast. The other is the IGNITE Her Squad Facebook Group.

When you are ready for more, I offer several options to work with me based on your budget, time and where you are at in your business!

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The results are real….hear it from my clients –

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