Is your work your life’s purpose?

You are here for a reason…a purpose. It is time to live (and work!) by design. If you are feeling stuck and know you want more, but you struggle to know what that is, you are not alone. Let’s begin with knowing what you want. Let’s turn your work into your purpose. Take this 3 min quiz to find out more!

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You are here for a reason, a purpose you might say!

I’m Julie Ciardi, I help women live life by design. I spent 20 years as a corporate executive, making excellent money, but dreading Mondays (those Sunday night blues are rough!). My unhappiness, my being stuck, affected my 3 kids, my marriage and my happiness deeply.

I listened to my soul, aligned to my purpose and have created the time freedom, joy and income on my terms. And so can YOU.

The loving ripple effect in my relationship with my 3 kids & husband is incredible. When YOU live your life by design, your inner joy shines in all areas of your life. It often starts as a calling for more, especially in what you do for a living.

Let’s stop working to make a living. Let’s live our life’s purpose by design. I would love to help YOU.

Welcome to Julie Ciardi Coaching!

Here are some free resources to get you started.

My mission is to IGNITE Her. “Her” is our higher self, our most fulfilled self. Our self living HER purpose. Let’s start to IGNITE YOU!

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Life by design is at your fingertips. You can learn how to intentionally live your purpose, create more money and time freedom. Ready to open your mind to new possibilities? Ready to live the ICONIC life?

How to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination keeps you stuck, but it also creates negative emotions like worry, shame and doubt. (Perfectionism is a form of procrastination!) Stop waiting for someday. Take this free training to learn how to get unstuck today!

Join the

Our Society is an online community of women ready to IGNITE Her. Women living life by design, not by default. Includes a free mobile app with daily audio messages from Julie to help you on your journey to your life’s purpose.

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Work With Me

No matter where you are at, I can help you!

intentional income incubator

The Intentional Income Incubator

The Incubator is perfect for you if you are still in the discovery process of your life’s purpose or have ideas for creating a business or career. Ready to explore what life by design can look like for YOU?



The IGNITE Her Results Program is for you if you have a goal that you just can’t seem to hit, or a habit you can’t quite break or start. Ready to create the results you want in your life...for good? This program is for YOU!

the 10K coach accelerator

The 10K Coach

The Accelerator is for you if you know you want to be a coach, teacher, and mentor. In this coach certification, we give you a fully packaged coaching program so you can quickly start making money as a coach.

Want to figure out

What purposeful work is right
for you?

When you are creating income and impact doing your soul’s calling, your life’s work, there is nothing more thrilling. Say goodbye to Sunday night blues, dreading Mondays, and living for the weekends. It is all about to change for the better.

Start by simply taking this quiz to identify your success type!