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I help you develop the mindset to create Radical results

Mindset in Motion creates Momentum 

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Life is meant to be designed


you get to decide how much money, love, happiness and purpose you want in this life.


No one else is responsible for your life. 


When you understand this and leverage the unique tools we teach you, you can design and then create the most amazing results and live a life you have only imagined.


Julie has taken the secrets of the ages combined with the practical, tactical daily application to make this happen.


What is it that you desire? More money? More purpose? More joy?  


Ready to IGNITE your mind and create MOre for your life and become a torch bearer for others?


Let’s go…..


Goal Setting

Without a goal we have no direction. We teach you to create a future vision and how to create a NOW goal. 

The To be List

We teach you how to be HER. The version of you with your goal achieved NOW. 

Take Action Now

Results require daily action and calendar integrity. We teach you to manage your mind, not time.

The good life

We are meant to have money and amazing relationships – they are required for the good life – we show you how to have both.

About Me

I am a Bostonian transplant in New York (yes, that can be fun!), but more importantly I am on a mission. A BIG mission. And it includes YOU.

More on where YOU come in in a moment.

I spent 20 years in the Fortune 50 corporate world (that is not a typo, I was a Vice President of Marketing in one of the top 50 companies in the world) and while “successful” I never felt I was in the right place.

When I turned 40, making a half million, had a beautiful home, an amazing family, and yet I felt that something was missing.

I felt GUILTY for even thinking I wanted more. But what I wanted more of, was PURPOSE.

I followed that desire, left corporate and started my own coaching company. My mission? To help women design their lives on PURPOSE and not on SHOULDS.

I now serve clients and train coaches around the world on a method to do just that. Life by design. 

This work has transformed my life. My relationships. My health. My money. My purpose. And I want that for you too.

Here is where I need YOU. We need more coaches in this world. Coaches we train to IGNITE the minds of their own clients, team members, families and communities to design a life of purpose AND get the results they want. I am on a mission to train, coach and certify 1000s of mindset coaches who can take this mission forward.

If YOU want more PURPOSE and want to help others, there is no better career than being a mindset coach. Whether you help people get results in weight loss, finances, relationships, fitness, business, parenting, the IGNITE Coach School certification is the perfect place to start.

Learn more here!  xo, Julie


Julie’s weekly podcast which airs every Thursday wherever you listen to podcasts.  Julie pours coaching, teaching and meaningful interviews into her free podcast to help more and more women awaken from the slumber of should and intentionally design her life. Check it out here!

Interested in working with Julie?

Julie offers 2 core programs.

IGNITE Her Society which is a private platform with daily coaching, community, and content.

The IGNITE Coach School that certifies mindset coaches to then create their own businesses, integrate with existing teams or get placed as a coach in a company.

Julie also is available for VIP days, custom workshops and speaking opportunities.

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