Hey Mamas! You are in for such a special treat today. My goal with this podcast is is to share my own experiences and knowledge in creating a purpose driven life that you love, but also to bring guests on who have experience in areas I do not, or are further down the path than I am.  I am excited to share this interview with Tiffany Carter. She shares years of knowledge with you in this episode.

Here is what I love about Tiffany – she is a multimillionaire entrepreneur who took the big leap from corporate to entrepreneurship (which we will discuss in the interview), but she didn’t stop there. She wanted to take all that she has learned in creating BIG money through multiple streams of income and help other women do the same. She created the company Project Me with Tiffany Carter as a passion project and in less than a year is making well over 6 figures.

This gets me excited – not just because she is amazing at honestly and practically sharing her learnings and successes to make it available to you and I, but that if it is already over 6 figures in a very short period of time, that means there are so many of us women out there ready to take control of our finances, our future and break out of the old paradigm of dollars for hours and one income stream.  There is sooooo much opportunity out there to be had and Tiffany breaks it down on how you could be making another income stream NOW and that our life leaves clues on what that may be,

This episode is also sooooo good for any of you mamas with a network marketing business or thinking of starting one. I am telling you, all these millionaire entrepreneurs I am meeting either started and many continue to have network marketing as one of their income streams.

We talk about active, residual and passive income streams and our money mindset.

Tiffany keeps it so real and it is why I am avid fan of her podcast, Project ME with Tiffany.  As part of keeping it super real, you may not want to listen with the kiddies in ear shot as the cuss words do fly.  HA HA. 

She and I want to hear from you, take a screen shot of you listening to this episode on your iPhone right now and when you are done put in your Instagram stories or on Facebook and tag us both – let us know what you think of the episode and what you took away.

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I am a former Fortune 50 executive (20 years in the corporate world!) and I finally answered my soul’s calling and started my own business in 2017. I am a mom of 3 and married to a retired first responder. I am on a mission to help women create income aligned with their life’s work. I would love to help YOU.

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