Hey Mamas!  This is Part Three in a 3 part mini series of episodes! So if you didn’t listen to Part 1 (#61) or Part 2 (#62), go back and check them out first.

In this episode I share how important it is to remember you are not alone in this journey. If you have decided you want more from your life, more purpose, more passion, more profit, that is awesome!

But you don’t need to now figure it all out for yourself. I learned the hard way that trying to figure it all out yourself is very difficult, you hit setbacks and it can be very lonely.

Podcasts and books are AMAZING ways to learn. But finding people that have done what you want to do or have what you want to have, you get to see how they did it.

When I say have what you want, I mean the life, not the things!

What I have found every time I have had the chance to talk to people who have created lives that I want to live, or are the type of person I want to be, I learn they went through a massive internal transformation.

They learned how to BE the person that they needed to BE to have the life they wanted to have.  That is why I became a life coach – changing who I was being and having the tools to continuously work on myself, was a gift. A gift I wanted to share with others.

Find someone that you can learn from. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

I have spent thousands of dollars to learn, be coached, get accountability and be part of communities of like minded women and it has changed my life.

I want this for you!

This is why I want you to check out More than Mommy Bootcamp! It is going to be AMAZING. this is the most cost effective way to work with me. And honestly I like it better than 1:1 coaching because you will also have the community of other like minded mamas to help you, cheer you on and make new friendships!

Here is the link to all the information you need to make a decision that will change your life!


Want to figure out

What purposeful work is right
for you?

When you are creating income and impact doing your soul’s calling, your life’s work, there is nothing more thrilling. Say goodbye to Sunday night blues, dreading Mondays, and living for the weekends. It is all about to change for the better.

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