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I am sure you have heard me talk about my favorite planner of all time, the Inkwell Press Planner! I have never purchased a planner more than once, until I met the Inkwell Press Planner – and now I am on my 3rd year!

I first heard Tonya Dalton on the She Did it Her Way Podcast a couple years ago. I remember I was still in my corporate job, I was miserable and I was so inspired to hear how this mom of two decided to start a business. I can remember thinking how it seemed impossible.  How would she even know how to start, how to do all the things to make it happen. That was my first mistake back then and continues to rear its head at times……getting stuck in the HOW.

When we get stuck in the how, we don’t actually move forward. We don’t take action because the “HOW” seems so overwhelming. We end up taking no action and then that dream or idea floats off into the could have, would have, should have land of our lives.

You will hear from Tonya how she didn’t let the how stop her, she just took action after action to make it happen. You will also learn the importance of allowing yourself to pivot if you are not aligned to a previous choice.

Tonya is also coming out with a book in the Fall – and you can pre-order it here! The Joy of Missing Out!

The Joy of Missing Out: Live More by Doing Less

You can also learn more about my favorite planner here!:

Inkwell Press Planner

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