082 | Are You the Steward of Your Talents? How a trip to India Inspired a Business | Interview with Kelly Butler

Hey mama! This episode is so near and dear to my heart! I get to interview my good friend and fellow mompreneur, Kelly Butler.

We worked together in corporate world for many years and now get to be friends and masterminds as we build our businesses!

There’s a rising tide of women who are thinking differently about where their stuff comes from, and how they’re impacting social change with the things they buy – specifically for their homes.  That’s where Kelly Butler comes in.  

Kelly lives a double life in corporate America and as a passionate founder of Gratify Home.  She gets out of bed in the morning to inspire women to create meaningful beauty in their homes while uplifting people and planet.  She works with women who are curious about buying ethically for their homes and want to learn how to create a home they love that aligns with the values they care about most.  

She loves the challenges of working with women who feel overwhelmed with comparison of their homes, who feel that decorating their home just flat out takes too much time, who find it hard to locate ethical options that meet their budgets, and who don’t want to figure it out all on their own.

After spending 30 days in India, walking the poorest slums in Mumbai on a mission to re-imagine the strategy of an education nonprofit,  Kelly became obsessed with sustainable business models. When she returned to her home in Atlanta, she knew that she would never be the same again.  After some soul searching (and maybe a few ugly crying sessions), she began to get clarity. As a lover of interior design, Kelly researched how she could decorate her home while making positive impacts.  But, to her surprise, the searches came up empty…she just couldn’t find a voice out there around ethical interiors to share the information she needed – so she created it herself.

Now, Kelly authors the Gratify Home blog focused around ethical interiors and works with select clients one on one with ethical room eDesign.  She’s launching a beta program, the Ethical Chic Home Academy, to educate women on how to kickstart the redesign of their spaces while aligning with the values they care about most.  

Kelly is mom to two fantastic sons, ages 15 and 12, and married to high school sweetheart, Jeff.  Her family lives in Roswell, Georgia with their miniature dachshund, Blue.

Don't forget to grab Kelly's free guide: 6 Tips to Create an Ethical (and Beautiful) Home on a Budget
Ways to connect with Kelly!
Instagram: @gratify_home

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