The Ultimate Side Hustle!

Imagine getting paid when someone asks you, “Where did you get that jacket?” or you post on social media in that cute necklace and it is shoppable?

Imagine having your own online boutique without the investment and the risk?

Imagine having a fun creative outlet outside your day job that just lights you up.

Be an S&D Brand AMbassador

No need to imagine, it is here! When you become an S&D Brand Ambassador, you unlock the potential to earn money while shopping your own fashion & beauty online shop at a discount!

S&D is a family of brands which include Stella & Dot (clothing, jewelry, bags), EVER (clean skincare & makeup) and KEEP (home decor, keepsake jewelry).

You get paid 20-40% in commissions, paid weekly for sharing & selling what you love. You do you.

How does it work?

What is Social Retail?

Social retail is how we buy all the time. A friend’s skin looks amazing, you are thinking Botox? You ask. She tells you about this amazing skincare line that has changed her skin.  What do you say? Send me the link!

She does, and gets nothing from doing so other than a happy friend. The S&D Social Retail platform allows her to easily share with you what she is using and send you shoppable images that she gets paid on if you buy. Boom!  Don’t you want in on that?

What can I sell?

That is what is so exciting! We women like our fashion, beauty and home goods. You get to sell it all! Clothing, jewelry, bags, holiday gifts, makeup, skincare and so much more.

Who is this a great fit for?

This is the ultimate side hustle for a reason – YOU decide what you WANT it to be.

Maybe you are a stay at home mama and want a creative way to make money and connect with an amazing community of women!

Maybe you have a day job but are looking for something fun as another income stream?

Maybe you are an entrepreneur, a blogger, or influencer?  You are posting on social media anyway – why not have shareable shoppable clothes and accessories!

I will be your Coach

You won’t be alone! I am a certified life and business coach and will be there to help you every step of the way.

Whether you want to casually sell, but more importantly shop the discount and get the product perks, great!

Or maybe you want to generate a monthly income goal? $500/month? $1000/month? Bigger? I can help you create the side hustle that gets you the results you want.


Become a Founding Ambassador

Why wait?Join now and be a founding ambassador. Get in before the masses do. This opportunity is so exciting and the possibilities endless. If you have any questions – email me at or book 15 mins with me in the Work with Me tab above.  Let’s chat! xo, Julie

Did I mention the free & discounted product perks??

As you buy and sell, you will earn monthly and seasonal products for free or deeply discounted. This is such an amazing perk!

Gorgeous clothing

Clean beauty

Stunning accessories

Cleanical Skin Care

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