132 | Creating Success with Balance and Strategy | Interview with Dr. Angela D. Thomas

I am super excited for you to listen to my chat with Dr. Angela D. Thomas! In this episode, we chat about a lot of different aspects of balance and strategy. Dr. Thomas talks about how she maintained her vision and dreams for her future and how she got through everyday just taking the next step.

We also talk about the importance of support from a variety of different people who can support a variety of different parts of you! She says, “You have to have a team of champions who are on your back end!” She even briefly discusses the importance of bringing a spiritual perspective into your business. This is a good episode! Lots of wonderful insight from a lady who has really learned how to balance it all!


For more info on Angela check out these links:

Instagram- @drangeladthomas

Website- https://www.angeladthomas.com/

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