Hey Mamas!

This is Part One in a 3 part mini-series of episodes that will launch this week.

Why? Because I love to try new things and I also wanted to get a few episode out before the doors close to More than Mommy Bootcamp this Sunday!

In today’s episode, I share what life looked like for me a few years ago. Seemingly happy on the outside, but in reality I was struggling. I wasn’t happy. And I thought I should be because I had what most people would say is a successful life.

But I was drowning in the day to day monotony of laundry, meals, yelling at the kids, picking up the house and going to a job I didn’t love, all to do it again the next day.

In this episode I share how I finally had enough and how I changed.

Stay tuned for Part Two tomorrow!

Check out More than Mommy Bootcamp! It is going to be AMAZING. this is the most cost effective way to work with me. And honestly I like it better than 1:1 coaching because you will also have the community of other like minded mamas to help you, cheer you on and make new friendships!

Here is the link to all the information you need to make a decision that will change your life!


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