I saw a gap in the market and saw that there are core things that you need to know to grow your business. I realized is was hard to find a community and coach to help you build a business from A to Z to build to where you want. Not many communities out there support women in their first 1,2,3k and not a lot of masterminds for smaller businesses who are just starting. I wanted to create a mastermind community to make sure women had access to ALL the pillars of business to make a sustainable and continually growing business. You will learn how do this in Ignite University! 

A little sneak peak of what’s inside this program! I talk about the 4 core pillars of Ignite U:






Come join Ignite U!




Ignite U doors close tomorrow night! This special price goes away after tomorrow.  Register here:  https://julieciardi.lpages.co/ignite-u/

Want to figure out if Ignite U is the right move for you? Email me at julie@julieciardi.com to book a consult so I can chat with you all about it!

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