Ryan Helms is probably the most unlikely entrepreneur and debt free person out there. As crazy as it may seem, just 3 years ago he really couldn’t even tell you what it meant to be an entrepreneur and he was ridden with over $200K of debt.

This all changed in the summer of 2016, when he booked a solo trip to Kenya to go explore after realizing that he was approaching burnout at his day job. That trip changed it all. While there he met tons of others traveling the world long-term and he knew he had to figure it how he could do the same.

The challenge was all the debt and not knowing how to make extra money. After many failed projects and attempts, he started getting some traction and was able to pay off all his debt (including his house) and quit his day job to pursue his passion of helping people spread their message through podcasting.

In this interview, he talks about how to get out of debt, why he left corporate, and what he has learned about business.


Learn more about Ryan:

Facebook- fb.com/prhelms

LinkedIn- bit.ly/ryan_linkedin

Podcast-Hustle to Freedom 

Websites- legacypodcasting.com 



Book Launch link 


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