Why are we ignoring the things we know we should do??  We get stuck thinking about all the things we think we should do and we ignore the signs of what we need to do to change our paths and be where we need to be! We are scared of changing and there are fears around the things we know we should do. This episode with Shelley Paxton is so powerful! This is an episode you do not want to miss. This episode is all about the “business of living” and what you REALLY should be doing.

Shelley has always been a bit of a rebel and at the height of her 26-year career, Shelley served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Harley-Davidson. However, she reached the point in her life where she needed to rebel against the normal ways of conducting business. It took a full-blown “Soulbbatical” to get reacquainted with her purpose and to realize that Paxton wanted to help other people rebel for themselves by taking control of their lives by leaning into their purposes. Shelley would love to help your listenership to do just that.


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Order her book Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel’s Guide to Finding Your Best Life


Rebel Souls Podcast: https://soulbbatical.com/rebel-souls-podcast/


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