Do people know what it is you do? I bet you would be surprised how many people might not know what you actually do. If you have a network marketing business but also trying to start a coaching business, it might be confusing as to what you are offering. You have to remember, most people don’t see every single post you make so they could miss or get confused with your different posts if they aren’t clear as to what your offer is and what their next step is to work with you.


One of the best ways to see if your posts are on track for success is to do an audit on yourself. Go to your instagram and scroll your feed. Read your captions and think like your audience. Is it clear what I am offering? Is it clear what their next step is to work with me? Take some time to analyze what messages you are giving your audience and how you can change things to be more clear! I guarantee you’ll see more success when you make some slight changes!


In my membership group Ignite Hustle Club, we are talking all about Instagram and how to improve how you use to it see business growth. If you would like to join, go to Hope to see you in there!

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