Have you ever gone through a huge life experience that derails you a little bit? Have you ever considered experiences, besides a close family member or friend passing, as going through grief? Herdyne Merciser is a grief coach that shares her story and her heart all about how important it is to heal in order to breakthrough to our true purpose in life. And this is important when it comes to your personal journey and your business. If you are not aligned, it won’t work and it won’t make sense. You do not want to miss this one! Take a listen!


Herdyne Mercier is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Grief Coach, retreat facilitator, and transformational speaker. She is also the host of the “Redefining Grief” podcast. Herdyne’s life calling is to create non-judgmental spaces for broken hearts to heal and purposeful living restored. Alongside her husband and best friend, Dr. Jameson Mercier, they own and operate Mercier Wellness and Consulting. They use their expertise and experience to help individuals, couples, and families deal with the heartbreak and unresolved grief that lead to unhealthy coping skills.


More info about Herdyne:


Instagram- @herdynemercier

Facebook- Herdyne Mercier LCSW 

Podcast- The Redefining Grief Podcast 

Website- https://herdynemercier.com/


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