Did you know that every marketing and sales strategy actually works?? I’m talking every one of them. They work or they wouldn’t sell right? We all want someone who has the magic that makes our business run successfully. But if every student and person got 100% results from one person, we’d all want it. But nobody does it and you know why? Because it depends on the person and their state of being.


Who you are being is the first thing you need to work on. We go straight for the how and the to do list, but the real method that works is working on who you are being. We must stop the madness that hustling and more is the easy way. It’s you. It’s who you are choosing to being and we can fix that.

I am hosting a free workshop soon to help you understand this concept and focus on your “to be” list rather than you to do list. If you want an invitation to this special event, please email us at team@julieciardi.com. More info coming soon!


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