Do you own a service based business and you feel like you’re burning out or not quite reaching your goals?

I want to help you avoid the burnout and get to your goals! We are going to go over the 4 obstacles that I see service based entrepreneurs face. These 4 obstacles:

  1. You aren’t communicating what it is you are offering
  2. You aren’t optimizing the delivery of your service/program
  3. You aren’t pricing correctly
  4. You aren’t attracting the right clients


In this episode, I go over each of these and why these are a struggle for service based entrepreneurs and some ways you can change what you’re doing. But I have an upcoming opportunity where we are going to dive deeper into all the details of these so you can make changes to get the results you want.


We are going to go over all of these in 4 workshops in a one day virtual conference! Position, Package, Price for Profit virtual conference is October 26th! Register HERE.


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