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Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that we’re not meant to be on this planet alone. We’re meant to be in relationships to really experience a full life, when we’re growing businesses, or even when we’re trying to land the next big promotion at work! Understanding what relationships are and what they are not is a really important step in being able to show up and build the kind of relationships you want for how you want to live. 


In this episode I share more about how at the end of the day, relationships are just the culmination of the thoughts and feelings we have about a person. How we think and feel about someone then determines our actions (or in some cases, reactions) towards them. We have the power and can decide to manage our minds to come to the realization that we cannot control other people. We can only control our own thoughts, feelings and actions that then create the results in our relationships. 


It’s time to toss out the manual of expectations we have about the people in our lives, and start to do the inner work needed to come to the understanding that we have the control, our relationships will dramatically deepen and improve. 

This month inside the IGNITE Her Society, I am doing a 4 part series on relationships where we will go deeper on what relationships actually are, what unconditional love is, boundaries, and our relationship with ourselves. I invite you to join us to go deeper on this work and decide to make changes on the expectations of yourself rather than waiting and expecting someone else to change. Can’t wait to see you inside:

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I wasted so much time over the decades thinking, planning, and emotionally consumed with my body. The best ways to lose weight, exercise, get rid of veins on the legs, covering my grays, covering my butt and thighs on the beach. Letting go of all that wasted time and mental drain has freed me up to live life more fully. Cellulite, veins, size 6 and going gray at 47.. it is freaking ok! Boogie boarding with my kids….priceless. Learning to LEAN in and LOVE myself has been the best part of my 40s. Life keeps getting better and better. My friend, let go of the unimportant things consuming you and go all in on living life more fully. It’s amazing.

P.S. my beautiful friend @breezyginna taught me that there is one decision at the beginning of summer….to wear the swimskirt/coverup or none at all. You got to commit or you get the worst tan lines 😂. I’m committed to freely being me and ditching the swimskirt 💕

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Do you ever feel like if you just try harder, you will achieve your success? Maybe if you put in longer hours or you push yourself just that little bit more, it will make the difference? However, trying harder won’t always get you what you want. Sometimes, in fact, it’s a big part of the problem. When you put all of your hopes and dreams on a breakthrough by trying harder, you may actually kill your chances at success. Sometimes you have to think past logic and the next logical step to achieve that breakthrough you want! ⁠

If you’re ready to look beyond trying harder, join us in the IGNITE Her Society! With daily coaching from me and my signature blueprint on how to BEcoming the next level version of you with your goals achieved, I can guarantee you will start to see the shift you're looking for to see the results you truly want. Head over to to learn more and sign up! ⁠

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When was the last time you walked out of an event and knew that your life had changed? I make it a point to attend several in person events a year because I know that’s where my biggest breakthroughs come from. Are you ready to IGNITE change and create the iconic life you want?⁠

Join me for the BEcoming Her Experience in Houston on Nov 2 where I can guarantee that you will walk in the door as one person and walk out as a completely different you as if you are a caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly! I will be covering brand new material that I have not and will not share until this special event and we will actually DO THE WORK to help you see the transformation in the room!⁠

Are you ready to…⁠
✅See your biggest transformation yet?⁠
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✅Make lifelong friends in the online/entrepreneurial space? ⁠

Grab your ticket for the BEcoming Her Experience Nov 2 in Houston, TX! Quantities are limited and the event WILL sell out! ⁠

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How do you see yourself? Are you confident? Are you a risk taker? Are you brave? How we see ourselves plays a major key in the results that we have. One of my mentors, Bob Proctor, always said that if you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. So, how do you see YOURSELF in your mind? Those are the results that you are going to see come to fruition. ⁠

Are you wanting to dive deeper on your self image and personal development? Join us in the IGNITE Her Society! Our mission inside IGNITE Her Society is to help you design a life you love with daily coaching from me, a signature blueprint for how to get there, and an awesome community that supports and uplifts you! Register today at the link in my bio or⁠

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Beach bum 🏖🐚🩳🏄‍♂️🌊 ...

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Are you ready to take your biz to the next level and become the 6 or 7 Figure CEO you know you can be?! I believe one of the biggest catalysts for my growth not only in my business success, but also in other areas of my life, has been attending in person events. ⁠

I want to help you experience those same transformations as I have! Join me for the BEcoming Her Experience in Houston on Nov 2 where I can guarantee that you will walk in the door as one person and walk out as a completely different you as if you are a caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly! I will be covering brand new material that I have not and will not share until this special event and we will actually DO THE WORK to help you see the transformation in the room! ⁠

Ticket quantities are limited and the event WILL sell out! Claim your seat here: ⁠

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Are you loving your life’s work or working to live life? Answering this question could dramatically change what you decide to do next. Watch this quick video and join us for our upcoming series Make More Money series. ...

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Do you ever feel stuck? Maybe you’re not sure of the next step you need to take to reach your goal, or you’re waiting for the perfect moment to make a change. The truth is those are all choices! We have the power to decide to take action every single day. ⁠We have the power to decide who we show up as every single day. ⁠

Ready to get unstuck? Join us in the IGNITE Her Society to get daily coaching from me and learn how to BEcome the next level iconic you who takes action daily and lives a life by design! Sign up at the link in my bio or visit⁠

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Overthinking is the killer of all dreams. Here is how overthinking is sneaky……it comes in the form of perfectionism, procrastination, planning, preparing and more. The only cure for this is….ACTION. Take the very next step. The next will be revealed after. DM me what is the very next step you are going to take???? ...

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We hear the word “mindset” all the time, but have you ever stopped to think about what it actually means? A lot of the time we associate mindset with inspiration or motivation, but the true definition of mindset is “the established set of attitudes held by someone.” So how do we change our mindset? We have to change our attitudes – our deep rooted beliefs and behaviors. That’s HARD work! It’s DAILY work that takes ACTION! ⁠

That’s why I’ve created the IGNITE Her Society! A place where women come together to receive daily coaching from me and learn how to take daily action towards their goal! Join us at the link in my bio or visit ⁠

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What area of your life do you want better, different results? There is only ONE way to create the change you desire. REINVENTION. We must reinvent to manifest. That’s what my new free training is all about. Want in? Register at link in bio xo. ...

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The iconic life isn’t just for Beyonce….⁠

It is for you too! I am going to teach you the ICONIC Life Code that anyone can implement. We just haven’t been taught this yet!⁠

What is the ICONIC life? When you think about the ICONIC life - what does that mean to you? ⁠

Whether you want to become an ICONIC CEO of your own company, or an ICONIC leader in network marketing, or the ICONIC executive in corporate or even if you are an ICONIC pathfinder still figuring out what you want... you are in the pursuit for one or more of the following reasons:⁠

More Freedom ⁠
More Happiness ⁠
More Wealth ⁠

You can have an iconic life of freedom, happiness and wealth, but it is yours to design and then create. But we have not been taught how to do this. ⁠

In fact we are told so many things that are COUNTER to creating the iconic life. During my upcoming FREE training I am going to show you how to make some critical paradigm shifts on your journey to the ICONIC life and the ICONIC YOU.⁠

Grab your spot (it’s free!) at the link in my bio or here: ⁠

Once you register there will be three sessions to choose from on July 13 and July 14. See you there!

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Have you ever wanted to try something new but stopped yourself because of what other people may think? This is a thought that plagues a lot of us. When we can finally drown out the opinions of others and distractions that are not serving us, we become so much more aware of what it is we truly want and desire. When we let go of the shoulds of society and our past thinking, we begin to realize that we truly can do anything we set our minds to. ⁠

If you’ve been struggling with finding what it is you truly desire and feel conflicted because of what others may think, I recommend implementing a morning routine in which you get quiet and in touch with your own inner voice and desires. When you start to do this daily and then multiple times daily, you will begin to see a shift in your actions which will propel you forward into results. ⁠

Chek out my recommended morning routine as part of our IGNITE Her Society!! Check out the link in my bio or visit for more info!

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The ICONIC life isn’t just for the likes of the rich and famous. It’s for YOU! ⁠

I’m going to be sharing my ICONIC Life Code next week that will show you how to create more freedom, happiness and wealth. Trust me when I say you CAN have it all – you just have to open your mind to what’s possible, and I am going to show you just how to do that! ⁠

Once you register for this FREE event, you will have the opportunity to pick a day and time that works for your schedule to catch a live training on July 13 and July 14.⁠

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