224 | How to Be a Better Leader, Business Partner, and Collaborator with Liz Green and Lisa Lindsey

Have you ever considered doing a business with someone? Have you ever wanted to collaborate with one of your favorite influencers or just want to know how to lead your team better? This episode with Liz Green and Lisa Lindsey is our first episode talking about how you work as a partner and the best way to deal with interactions about business and relationships. It’s great advice for your business and outside your business!

Liz and Lisa are both coaches and entrepreneurs. Each week on their podcast they will share their journeys to success and what they think it REALLY takes to be a badass! 

Lisa Lindsey is a Human Resources Consultant and Executive Coach. She has completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s, built HR departments from the ground up and started Peale Piper, a HR consulting and executive coaching firm. She is passionate about helping others discover the power of coaching with a focus on believing in themselves, owning their power and getting to the next level professionally.

Liz is a Small Business Owner and a Credentialed Entrepreneur Coach (International Coaching Federation).  She is passionate about helping  Entrepreneurs, Business owners, CEO'S, Creatives, and other Badass women find their own BRAND OF BADASS, and to embrace all their “parts” (even the critic and judge)!, to find inner balance and harmony. She holds a certificate of completion (3500 hours) in Psychodrama action methods, is trained in the Internal Family Systems model and holds certification in mental health. Her distinctive coaching approach combines Classic Coaching, Psychodrama action techniques, and the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model.


Info about Liz and Lisa’s podcast:

Podcast: Bossy Brilliant and Badass


Instagram: @BossyBrilliantBadass

Twitter: @bossybrilliant2


Lisa and Liz personal Instagram handles are:

Lisa: @peale.piper

Liz: @chocolateglasses


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