260 | Get Rid of the Mom Guilt

I had to do something really hard this last weekend. I sent my first child to college. My daughter has left the nest and it was really hard. But it could have been harder. I have been doing so much work on being happy on the inside, regardless of outside circumstances, that I could still feel happy even after dropping her off.


In this episode, I share with you how this recent experience has really solidified where I am in my business and how important it is to work on your inner self. I also get pretty blunt with you about mom guilt and how it could be holding you back in your progress with your business and other aspects of your life. I am grateful to have created something that I can put my love and joy into even with my daughter gone. I am giving you permission to do the same and go for it. Your future self will thank you. Take a listen! Let us know what your favorite parts were of the episode by tagging us and sharing a screenshot of the episode!


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