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Do you remember the days before Instagram and social media and how people had to market their businesses? In order to grow our audience and our business we used to have to go door to door, have big conference events, print brochures and send things in the mail! Now you can grow your business at home in the palm of your hands!

I know a lot of you get overwhelmed or confused on how to use Instagram with all of its new features! Do I make a reel? Do I post on my feed? When do I make an IGTV and how often to I post in my stories? Don’t overthink it and don’t worry. I want to help you! If you remember that this platform is a gift and that Instagram is an amazing place to grow your business, then you will see that growth as you learn the strategies on how to use it. 

Next month in the Ignite Hustle Club we are focusing on Instagram and all the strategies you need to see business growth, to make followers into fans and to get more customers! Want to hear more and join the Ignite Hustle Club?? Go to julieciardi.com/hustle


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I’m Julie Ciardi!

I am a former Fortune 50 executive (20 years in the corporate world!) and I finally answered my soul’s calling and started my own business in 2017. I am a mom of 3 and married to a retired first responder. I am on a mission to help women create income aligned with their life’s work. I would love to help YOU.