291| BEcoming Her is the Secret

Do you ever ask yourself the hard questions? Questions like are you happy or are you comfortable? Or are you doing or being? Today’s episode is a recap of what we discussed at our first live event in Houston last week and the top of our next 8 week masterclass!


It’s ok to ask the hard questions sometimes. When you ask these hard questions you are opening up your mind to possibilities. You are meant to grow and expand and asking yourselves questions helps you see what you need to change to BE the person you want to be to get to the things you want most. I believe that the power lies within us. Nothing else will change unless we change. Becoming her NOW is the secret. In this episode I dive more into this topic and share some personal experiences with you on how doing this completely changed my business and my life.


We are doing an 8 week masterclass starting March 10 in Ignite Her Society! We will be talking about the 8 Steps to Become Her!  All of you have to do is join us by going to ignitehersociety.com.

Have any questions or want to learn more about what we do at IGNITE Her Mind? Please email us at team@julieciardi.com


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I’m Julie Ciardi!

I am a former Fortune 50 executive (20 years in the corporate world!) and I finally answered my soul’s calling and started my own business in 2017. I am a mom of 3 and married to a retired first responder. I am on a mission to help women create income aligned with their life’s work. I would love to help YOU.

Get your customized FREE Human Design in business report & guide.