307 |How to Improve Any Relationship

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that we’re not meant to be on this planet alone. We’re meant to be in relationships to really experience a full life, when we’re growing businesses, or even when we’re trying to land the next big promotion at work! Understanding what relationships are and what they are not is a really important step in being able to show up and build the kind of relationships you want for how you want to live. 


In this episode I share more about how at the end of the day, relationships are just the culmination of the thoughts and feelings we have about a person. How we think and feel about someone then determines our actions (or in some cases, reactions) towards them. We have the power and can decide to manage our minds to come to the realization that we cannot control other people. We can only control our own thoughts, feelings and actions that then create the results in our relationships. 


It’s time to toss out the manual of expectations we have about the people in our lives, and start to do the inner work needed to come to the understanding that we have the control, our relationships will dramatically deepen and improve. 

This month inside the IGNITE Her Society, I am doing a 4 part series on relationships where we will go deeper on what relationships actually are, what unconditional love is, boundaries, and our relationship with ourselves. I invite you to join us to go deeper on this work and decide to make changes on the expectations of yourself rather than waiting and expecting someone else to change. Can’t wait to see you inside: www.julieciardi.com/society

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