354 | IGNITE Her – How to Level Up to Achieve Your Goals

Are you finally ready to create that dream business? Or maybe you want to develop thought leadership in the world? Maybe you're ready to write that book or start that podcast? Whatever your goal is, I'm going to share the secret sauce to achieving what may seem like an impossible goal. You have the keys to your big goals right inside of you, it’s just that no one has shown you how to access the most incredible mentor, advisor, and counsel. Until now. 

Your most trusted advisor, mentor, and coach is closer than you think. It's you. Yep, it's you. In this blog post, I'm going to share how to access her. You may be familiar with my brand, you may not, but our brand is IGNITE Her. 

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Who's “Her”?

Well, I want you to think of your next big goal, your next big dream, and I want you to think of yourself having achieved it. Visualize that right now. Picture yourself with a six figure business or a podcast that's one of the top podcasts in your industry. Or maybe you wrote a book and it's now been published and it's available on Amazon and you're holding it in your hand. What would that feel like? I want you to think of yourself and visualize yourself as having achieved your next big goal. What would you be thinking? Really embody that version of you. That is your mentor and guide. That is Her. And the really good news is that she has all the answers. This was such a lesson I needed to understand when I had left corporate and was building my business. I didn't realize this, and I was always looking outside of myself for the answer. I didn't trust myself.

I didn't think that I had the answers. It wasn't even just about the answers, it was also about the attitude, the characteristics, the ways of being that I needed to adopt in order to create a six figure business. For me not to have to go back to corporate, I really needed to get my business to $10,000 a month. It's why I focus on $10K as a milestone number for so many of our clients. It gets you to a six figure business. 

$10K months is why I created the BE the CEO Membership. In there we focus on getting you to the $10K month mark. It's game changing, and it was for me. The problem I had was that I was struggling to get there. In 2018 and 2019, I felt like I was working so hard and doing all the things and not seeing the results that I wanted to see. It’s not even that I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted, they were the results I NEEDED, otherwise I would have had to go back to a corporate job.

I desperately did not want to do that, and it wasn't until someone taught me what I'm sharing with you here that everything changed. I was told that I needed to change my identity. I needed to change how I saw myself. I needed to change my self-image. I did not see myself as a six figure CEO because I hadn't become one yet. Oftentimes I find that we make the mistake that we think we need to become the six figure CEO to then be the six figure CEO. When one of my coaches shared with me that I needed to be the CEO now to then have the results that I wanted to have, and I never knew that, that was a very eye-opening moment for me. Once I understood this, I realized I'm unstoppable and I needed to embody being Her. Being the version of Julie that already achieved the results of a six figure business.

I needed to show up and be her before my business ever got to six figures and I'm doing the same thing now. I did it to become a seven figure CEO and now my next big milestone is $3 million in a year in my business. And that is my focus right now. That is my NOW Goal. My NOW Goal is, “I am so happy and grateful now that I am making $3 million in revenue in my business.” Now I know that I need to be the version of Julie, Her, that is already at a $3 million revenue per year business. I need to make decisions like her, I need to act like her, I need to have her attitude, I need to embody her thoughts and her feelings and doing the actions that she would do. That's what you must do to get to that next big goal for yourself.

Some Recurring Issues I See… 

It's super common that we look outside of ourselves for the answers. Do you find yourself Googling everything, or asking everyone else what you should do? It's how we were taught to do things, quite frankly. In school, we wer e always taught to look in the books and ask the teacher and to look outside of ourselves for the answers. This is a big problem because we must actually learn to go in. 

The other problem that I see is a lack of confidence. A lack of confidence in your marketing or in your sales. Maybe you have imposter syndrome. And because of this imposter syndrome and lack of confidence, you’re not able to be bold and out there in a big way for your prospects so that they become clients.

If we're not bringing in new leads and not converting them into clients, we don't have a business. I find that lack of confidence is a really big part of why women struggle with their marketing on social media and getting clients. 

Another big problem I see is comparison. Comparing ourselves, comparing what we offer, comparing how we do our marketing, how we do social media, how we're showing up in any way. We just sit and compare ourselves because we might have decided, “Okay, I am going to have a one-on-one coaching business and I'm going to use consults as my primary sales method and I am going to close clients and build my one-on-one coaching business.” Then, you see someone else on social media talking about their group coaching program and all of a sudden you're like, “Wait a minute, should I be doing a group coaching program? I don't know. Now I'm confused.” This comparison and making us second guess decisions we've already made. 

So again, the big problems are looking outside of yourself for the answer, lack of confidence in how you’re showing up in your marketing and your sales, and then having constant indecision because of comparison.

Addressing These Issues

Let's talk about the mistakes that happen when we are stuck in this comparison and indecision, lack of confidence, and really finding ourselves looking outside of ourselves for the answer. Here's what starts to happen. You start to get into an ongoing loop of not trusting yourself.

If you always have to go outside of yourself, then you don't trust yourself. When you are CEO of a business and growing a business, you have to learn how to trust yourself. The buck stops with you. You are the decision maker, you are the chief executive officer. Even if you are a party of one, you are CEO, you make the decisions in your business. It's so important to understand that the more you look outside of yourself for the answers, you are going to go in that loop of not trusting yourself. The other thing is that if you are always going outside of yourself to get the answers, you end up creating a business that's not quite your own. It's really a business that's been piece parted together from advice and counsel from others. And that absolutely causes imposter syndrome.

When we are in comparison mode or always second guessing what we are doing when we see someone else doing something different than us, it leads to competition. When you are in competition mode, it hinders creation, and then you get stuck in this loop. If you're not creating your own stuff, your own thought leadership, your business your way, you 100% get into imposter syndrome, you don't trust yourself, and you remain indecisive because you're always second guessing yourself compared to others.

So what can you do about it? 

I'm going to give you three tips to fix this and start to IGNITE Her. Her is the version of you that has your goal achieved. So if it's $10,000 a month, let's just say a six figure business, you need to tap into being Her now. Be you, already making six figures a year. Be you, who has already achieved $10K months. This is critical.

I actually have a program called BEcoming Her is the Secret. BEcoming Her is the Secret, is my foundational course. It's a series of nine lessons, and it’s the backbone of every program that I have to offer. Whether it's the Intentional Income Incubator or BE the CEO Membership, this course is a critical component. BEcoming Her IS the secret and it's important to learn how to do that. You want to build confidence from the inside out. Courage first, then confidence. Don't wait to be confident to take some actions, to make decisions, to take steps forward. You want to build confidence from the inside out, not from the outside in. When you take courage in trusting yourself, trusting your inner guidance system, trusting Her, the version of you that already has achieved what you desire, you are going to create confidence. It's so amazing when this starts to happen. I am my own guidance and advisor and mentor to my business. Do I sometimes go outside to seek some advice? Absolutely.

But, I seek the advice and counsel from my place of already being Her, not the version of me that doesn't have what I desire. 

The other thing you want to shift in your mindset is to create, not compete. When we are in a creation mode, and when we create from the inside out, it is the most beautiful thing in the world. And then there's no competition. There's no competition because even though everything that's ever been said has already been said, everything that needs to be taught has already been taught. There's not a ton of new, new, new in the business world. But what there is, is you doing it, you saying it, you creating it, and you've never existed before.

That's where the uniqueness comes. And so I want you to really step into create mode versus compete mode.

Let’s Recap

When we're looking outside of ourselves for the answers, it creates lack of confidence, it creates imposter syndrome, it creates becoming very indecisive because we're looking at others. We don't trust ourselves. And when we don't trust ourselves, we go into this loop of always then looking outside for the answer. This hinders our ability to create. You can decide that you're going to be Her now. You're going to build confidence from the inside out by being courageous and then confident. You're going to step into the realm of creation over competition. If you can do these things, I promise you that the next big goal that you have is done. 

I don't want you to forget to join the conversation happening inside our free group IGNITE Her Society. We have our own website and app to create focus off social media and also to connect with other amazing female entrepreneurs and purpose seekers. So if you want to be inspired, this is the community for you. Join us for free today. I do a weekly live show. We have a private podcast and so much more. I hope to see you inside of the Society. 

Go to ignitehersociety.com, and we will welcome you with open arms!

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