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This blog post is all about how to love your Mondays. In the IGNITE Her Society, we like to say TGIM – Thank Goodness it’s Monday! It is more than possible to love your Mondays. I love my Mondays. I get excited on Sunday nights for the week ahead, but that was not always the case at all. I used to get the horrible Sunday night blues. Is that you? Do you get the Sunday night blues? I used to. I dreaded Mondays, and I don't want you to dread Mondays. 

Today, I'm going to give you an inside peek at the IGNITE Her Company and family of brands because my goal is that you get inspired to work on your own business and brand so that you can say TGIM.

You are reading this blog post because you are either working and looking to leave the day job or maybe you're growing or want to grow a business. Whatever the reason is, you are here, and I do know that you want choice and freedom. I want that for you too.

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So let's dive in

I want to talk a little bit more about the company and the brand, and I'm doing this in a really strategic way for you, because I want to share more about how I'm building and have built my business, so that it inspires you in building yours. Or if you're not building a business yet, but know that this is something you may want to do you'll start to see how I'm doing it. Let me tell you, it's very much by design. I am building this business by design, and on purpose because I didn't want to build a job that I didn't love. I wanted to build a business that just fuels me and that gives me so much excitement and inspiration and motivation, and I want that for you as well.

So IGNITE Her. That is our headline. That is our mantra. That is our brand message. It's a very, very specific set of two words. IGNITE has been a part of my brand since I really launched the coaching company. When I was coaching one on one, I really hadn't found my niche yet. It was just Julie Ciardi coaching. But ever since early 2020, I started to use the word IGNITE in our brand.

The reason for that is that I felt that I was asleep in my life, in my professional life especially. I felt that I was asleep at the wheel. I felt that I was not ignited, I was the opposite of ignited. I was lukewarm and felt trapped. The word IGNITE is all about lighting the fire inside to be able to create the life you desire. When I became IGNITED, everything changed. When I went in and lit the light from the inside out, that is when everything changed in my life. Not just leaving corporate and starting the business, but also my relationships as well. We can use the word IGNITE in so many ways. We use it in igniting your marketing and igniting your business, and when you think of the word IGNITE, you think to set a blaze. To expand and grow, and it's so exciting.

We also use the word Her very specifically and on purpose. IGNITE Her. What does the word Her mean in this? It's not just to show that we help females. Her is all about your highest energy realm.


Your highest self. Who you are and the potential that you have inside of you to be, do and have anything that you desire is so there. We just don't know how to tap into it. I didn't even begin to understand my potential and my higher self until I started doing this work. And so the Her is your highest energy realm. It is your highest self. It is you at your utmost potential, which by the way, we will never reach in our lifetime here on earth. We have so much potential. We are capable of so much. Our path, our journey, is to tap into it as much as we can in the time that we have.

We say IGNITE Her. We're going to IGNITE our Highest Energy Realm. We're going to IGNITE our highest self so that we can create the most beautiful, amazing life. So maybe this is news for you that this is what IGNITE Her means, but can you see the passion and how deep meaning these two words are? That is why it is everything, IGNITE Her is the start of everything when it comes to our business, our brand, what we are creating in the world. 

Now, I'm going to walk you through different elements of our business. So IGNITE Her. Now you've got what those two words mean and how important they are. Now let's go into what our family of brands and products and our strategy is underneath IGNITE Her. 


This is our podcast. I've had this podcast since 2018, so we’re approaching 5 years. Recording the podcast is one of my most favorite things to do in my business. I can just show up and serve the most amazing listeners. 

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IGNITE Her Society

This is the community. I created our own mobile app and a website where we give you free trainings and a community of like minded women all wanting to live life by design. I even go live every single week on Wednesdays at 2:00pm Eastern to answer questions. It is a really powerful place to be so we can actually interact.

So come into the community! It's so incredibly powerful. 

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What's really neat about our strategy with IGNITE Her Society is that IGNITE Her Society serves several strategic purposes in the business. And again, I'm showing you behind the scenes so that you understand the business strategy around what we're doing in IGNITE Her. The IGNITE Her Society serves two purposes. 

  1. It's creating a community where I am nurturing women who aren't quite ready to work with me or work with my team and become a client, but they can still be served and part of our world and I can nurture them until they are ready, they feel like they've got the no love and trust and they feel that what we have to offer is the right next step for them.
  2. The other really really cool part of IGNITE Her Society is that it is also our headquarters for our clients. Inside of IGNITE Her Society, whether it's the app or the website, there's a free area and if someone is in there for free, they will see what they can see. When you become a client, it unlocks all of this other stuff, all this other content, all of this other capability to work with us, ask questions, get support, and more. We use it as a headquarters for our clients, because our clients need community. Our clients need to have a one stop shop where all of the content, the events, the coaching calls, the past trainings and replays and being able to ask questions, we have all of that there as well.

So IGNITE Her Society is really the community and headquarters for our brand, whether you are there for free or you are a client. Click here to join us!

IGNITE Her Merch

We have merch coming out that is so exciting! In part of that community aspect, what we have found, especially with our clients and followers, is a connection. A connection to the words IGNITE Her, a connection to the feeling of TGIM, a connection into BEing Her, a connection into the NOW Goal.

The NOW Goal is a very core piece of what we teach and use with our clients.We have a free training around the NOW Goal inside of the free part of IGNITE Her Society, and we have a NOW Goal journal that is available, which is so exciting.

If you want to check that out CLICK HERE

So, we are adding merch that really helps to bring the community to life and feel even more connected with each other. So IGNITE Her Merch is so fun and we're really excited about that as well.

IGNITE Her Coaching

This is the primary revenue driver of our business. It is where we work with our clients. It's where we help you get results, create life by design, and business by design. I'm going to walk you through how we have structured our coaching business. And again, it may give some inspiration to you as well. We have what we call the Dream Client Journey.

What we teach our clients is that you've got a niche and a dream client that you're helping, but your dream client could be at different phases in their journey, in their process. So, when you start, we highly recommend that you have one main offer and you pick a spot on the journey that you are going to have your first main offer, go and meet your dream client where she is. But then as you grow and expand, you can have different offers based on the different parts of her journey.

So for us, this is how we've structured ours, we have what we call the calling, the awakening, the pursuit, the dream and the legacy. That is the Dream Client Journey that my dream client is on. She starts with an awakening. The calling is where I was back at IBM, knowing that I was made for more. Not sure what it was, but something woke up inside of me. The igniting had begun. I didn't know the answer, but I knew I was made for more and that what I was doing was not it. The next phase is the awakening. So you have the calling and then the awakening is where you are actually deciding, “Wait a minute, I think there's things that I could do. I think that there's things that I could create in this world. Maybe I could start that business or change careers or start the podcast or the book.”

So it's the calling, which is that initial like, “Wait a minute, I think there's something made for more.” Then the awakening, which is, “Wait a minute, yeah, I can definitely do something here. I'm going to start my own business, change careers.” Whatever it's going to be. Then it's the pursuit. Once our dream client knows what she wants to do, she's then on the pursuit to making it happen. This phase can be really challenging. It can be really challenging to grow a business, to change careers and all of those things, but that's the pursuit. Our dream client goes into that phase. And the dream is the business has started, the new career has started, and it's now all about showing up and creating that dream life. Lastly, the legacy phase is true wealth development. It's about being a thought leader in an industry, really going into leaving a legacy.

You may have found yourself in one of those areas or phases that I just shared. Well, what we've done is we've designed our offers to meet our dream client where she is on that journey. 

Intentional Income Incubator

For the calling and awakening stage, the Intentional Income Incubator is what we use. It's an incubator for those that are in that beginning part of that journey, like the calling, knowing that they're made for more, knowing that there's something else but not sure what it is. So our incubator is literally a 10-week incubator to come up with your Path To Purpose Planner, and we work with you to make sure that at the end of that 10 weeks where your focus is, and then you can start moving into the pursuit.

The Intentional Income Incubator is all about springboarding you into knowing your purpose and then starting a plan to go after it. 

Learn more to see if it's a fit for you! CLICK HERE

BE the CEO Membership

For those that are in the pursuit and into the dream, wanting to grow their business to the 10K a month level, we created what is an incredible opportunity. That is our BE the CEO Membership. The way that we've structured BE the CEO, is that you can either be part of the membership, come into some of the group workshops that we do, or you could also come to my studio and we can get you all set up to BE the CEO in person. The Be The CEO Memebership is our path to help you get to that 10K a month mark, that first six figures.

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VIP Days

I also offer VIP days for women who are in that multiple six figures trying to get to the seven figure mark. Tha is something that we do in person in my studio, and we work to create a plan to get there. The big deliverable that we have in both the Be the CEO options or if you worked with me one-on-one is what I like to call the Brand Image Bible. 

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Brand Image Bible

The Brand Image Bible is just the coolest, most beautiful book that is going to have all the parts in it for you to create the business that you absolutely not only love, but the business that is  giving you choice and freedom. Inside the Brand Image Bible, a customized book, that has your dream client journey, your niche manifesto, your brand style guide, and your BE Her Script.

In the BE Her Scrip, you will actually write the script of the CEO that you're going to be, and then you've got to step into being her. We help you write that script. The Brand Image Bible also includes your free offer, your main offer, and your marketing plan. Having all these items together in one spot will help you to develop consistency and persistence. That's how you're going to get to the 10K a month mark. We're really proud of developing this deliverable when you work with us in BE the CEO

10K Coach Accelerator

The other thing that we have inside of our IGNITE Her Coaching is the 10K Coach Accelerator. In addition to having the option for people to work with me directly in the BE the CEO on growing their business, we know that there's a lot of women out there that aren't quite sure what business to start. They just know they want to help people.

They know that they've leveraged things like coaching to have change in their own life, and I wanted to create a way to help women to become coaches and start their own businesses. To me, coaching is the most profitable, rewarding, and flexible business you can possibly create on the planet. I don't know that there's anything better, to be honest. That is why I decided to create my own certification program called the IGNITE Coach School. We certify coaches, and then we help them to launch their business to the six figure mark and beyond. You will spend a year with us getting certified as a coach and launching your business.

What we have found with so many of the women that do this with us is that they're launching their business and getting their first clients before they're even done with the full certification. That's actually how I did things, too, when I was getting certified. The best way to become better and better at what you do is being able to practice it real time. So, we highly recommend that you do that and we teach you how.

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IGNITE Her Studio

The last thing to share is what I call, IGNITE Her Studio. We wanted to create a space so that we could have people come in person to work with me and my team on things like VIP days and small group workshops. Here, we can work on your brand, we can work on your self-image, we can work on your marketing plan. We can pull together that Brand Image Bible in person together.

There's something so incredibly powerful about leaving your environment, coming into an environment like this and literally working with us to build your business. That's why I wanted to create this space. IGNITE Her Studio is the latest in our IGNITE Her family of brands. 


Let's Recap

This is what I believe is our path to three million. That is my goal is to get the business to the $3 million mark. And I believe with these offers, with how we've structured the business, we have will have no problem in getting there.

It's going to come down to consistency and persistence and making sure that we are showing up, giving it our all, helping our dream client to love her Mondays and to create the business or career of her dreams.

I am here for you wherever you may be. I just want to let you know you've got that ability to work with us.

If you want to start exploring ways in which you can work with me with my team: CLICK HERE

It is so exciting to share a behind the scenes peek of what we're doing in the business and where we're going. Hopefully you can use this as some inspiration as you are creating and growing. 

We are here to help you when you are ready, and please make sure that you are part of our free community, IGNITE Her Society. There’s lots of exciting stuff happening in there, and it's a way for us to connect in a deeper way!


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