368 | The ONE Key to Having Success in Your Business

There is one core key to having success in your business. But, the really cool part is that it's also one core key to any result that you want in your life whether that be in your relationships, your health and wellness, money, or any other result that you desire, and here it is. It's you.

The three letter word that is so powerful and the only thing responsible for the results in your life is you. Sometimes that's hard to hear, but it's also the biggest gift if you know what to do about it. We so often hear that we need to do the mindset work. We need to do the inner work. That success is an inside job, and all of this jargon that's totally true. But, what does it mean? What does it actually mean to do the inner work? I've really pondered this because I do believe it's my life's work to help more women IGNITE Her, IGNITE the you inside of you to get the results you do want. You have the tools inside of you to do it, but no one's taught us this. That’s why my mission is to help make the inner work not so complicated, and to actually give you the right frameworks and knowledge to do this inner work. That's my number one goal.

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When you think of you, and you needing to be the one that helps to get the results that you want, it comes down to four core things that you should be considering. The four are self responsibility, self accountability, self awareness, and self compassion. Let’s dive deeper! 

Self Responsibility

Self responsibility means that you take 100% responsibility for the results in your life. The ones that are good and that you love, as well as the ones that you are not happy with. When we take full responsibility and we do not blame anything on the outside of us, another person or circumstance, full self responsibility is when the magic can begin.

Self Accountability

Once we've taken responsibility for the results that we have in our life, or do not have in our life, then we need to hold ourselves accountable to changing them. To actually  going after the results we DO want. We must hold ourselves accountable.

Self Awareness

The more that you understand you and you study you, the more you become aware of you. Your patterns, your shadows, the things that you continuously think, feel, or do. Your habitual behaviors.The more aware you are of them, the more you can do something about them.

Self Compassion

We beat the crap out of ourselves when things aren't going the way that we want them to, or we have a result in our life that we're not happy about, or we try something and it doesn't work. That's not self compassion, and we must have self compassion in this process. 

When you begin to understand those four things, I really look at three ways in which you can start to incorporate them into your daily life. Three practices is the best way to look at it.

Self Study

You must study yourself. You have to know you better. And trust me, there are parts of you that you actually are not very aware of, both gifts and shadows. When we can start to study ourselves better, and unearth what those things are that are holding us back, and what these beautiful gifts and unique talents that we have, wow! We can really turn on our power. 

When it comes to self study, we use lots of different tools. We use tools like the Enneagram or coaching. In our community, you can come get coached with me, so I can help you discover maybe a pattern of thinking, a pattern of feeling or actions that are causing you to not have the results that you want.

I’ve been using new tools personally, because I am also on this journey, that we’re about to introduce in our community like human design and gene keys. We also have a book list that we highly recommend when it comes to self study. The more you know you, the more that you have compassion for you, the more that you step into the true you, the better not only results are going to be in life, but the happier and more content and at peace you'll be.

Self Coaching

We can self study all day long. We can read all books, we can use all these tools, we can start to get to an understanding about ourselves, but if we've got to actually be out in the world every day, we have to know how to self coach ourselves. 

I like to call it self coaching yourself in the moments of the day. It’s not easy and it's a really important skill to understand. It really really brings that self awareness to a whole new level because you're working on having that level of awareness to be self coaching yourself in the moments of the day, so that you are thinking the right thoughts. You're feeling the right feelings. You're taking the right actions. That is how you get the results that you want.


This is the final piece. Whatever result you want, you do need a plan. Let's say you really want to grow your business. You need to self study, you need to do self coaching, and you need a strategy in your business. You need an execution plan, a plan for your marketing, and a plan for your sales.


When you combine these three things of self study, self coaching, and strategy, you are unstoppable. However, throughout life, no one teaches us how to do this. That's why I'm on a mission to help more and more women learn how to do this. I like to sum up all of those things into two words. IGNITE Her.

When you IGNITE the Her that you are meant and born to be, you will become unstoppable. You learn how to IGNITE Her through self study, self coaching, and a strategy to go after the results of your NOW Goal™. That's what I can help you with. 

One of the things that we're really excited to announce, is that we wanted to create merchandise that really helps to show the power of IGNITING Her, the power of this incredible self responsibility that we have to create the world and results that we want.

IGNITE Her Merch

We are so excited to announce that our new IGNITE Her Merch Shop is now live! We would love for you to check it out. 


My team and I worked with a designer to create some pretty amazing sweatshirts, t-shirts, mugs and tumblers. We also have a really cool candle like the whole theme of IGNITING Her, lighting the candle. 

I'd love for you to check it out!

Decide that this is the time for change, and that you're not going to simply be a part of free things, you're going to actually start to invest in yourself to understand how to self study, self coach, and to get a strategy. That is what our IGNITE Her Basics Bundle is all about. I will teach you these three things. In the IGNITE Her Basics Bundle, you get the nine lessons of BEcoming Her is the Secret. You will also get our Self Study Coaching Series, so that you can learn how to begin to self coach yourself because just learning is only one thing. We're going to self study with BEcoming Her is the Secret, and then we're going to go into self coaching. So powerful.

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Make the decision today that you're done with where your life and results that you haven't been happy with, and you're ready to take full self responsibility and accountability, and actually learn how to do the inner work to IGNITE Her to get to the results that you truly want!

Here’s the thing. It’s not just what you want, it’s what you’re put on this planet to do. You're here for a reason. You have a beautiful inner purpose and gifts. And right now, your loud noisy roommate is standing in the way of that coming into the world. That is what we can help you to do. 

Go check out the fun merch, but also go check out the IGNITE Her Basics Bundle. It's a perfect place to start if you're ready to actually take control and decide that you are going to IGNITE Her, BEcome Her, and have the results in your life and in your business that you've always desired.

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