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Today I’m sharing about the difference between strategy and frameworks in your business and the core components that every single business must understand in order for them to have success. Whether you are a huge company like IBM, or you have your own business, the same building blocks are required.

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Does One of These Resonate with You?

I’ve found that we want to jump to one of two areas when we're trying to grow our business in the online space. 

  1. We’re trying to find the right strategy. Whether it be the right marketing strategy, the right sales strategy, or the right offer strategy that is going to be the thing that's going to make our business grow. 
  2. We jump into working on our mindset. We tend to think that if we work on our mindset with the right strategy, then we’re going to have success. 

Both of these things are totally normal! It’s where I’ve been before as well.

But at the end of the day, no matter what your mindset is, no matter which strategies you've chosen that align to you, if you're not bringing them into a solid business framework and a business foundation, you really are probably throwing spaghetti at the wall and just continuing to try new things over and over rather than having a machine that is working for you. 

We want your business to work for you, not for you to be working so hard all the time on your business. I'm really passionate about this. In fact, I am putting together a brand new course called the 10K Business Bootcamp. It will be available for purchase when I'm done recording it.

I’m offering you an exciting opportunity to be in the “live” studio audience, and when I say live studio audience, we're talking the live Zoom studio audience. What I'm going to be doing is since I love to teach live, I am going to teach the 10K Business Bootcamp “live” to a group. Why? My energy is just so high, and I just feel the energy is so much greater than when I am trying to record a course or a program without a live audience. So, we are offering a very, very special limited time only price point for the entire course if you choose to join us live, which will be so much fun. 

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Business Strategy vs. Business Framework

Business strategies are things like using Instagram as a strategy to grow your business, or LinkedIn as a strategy to grow your business. Maybe you love podcasting and you're like, “All right, I'm going to be a podcaster. I'm going to have my own podcast,” and you're going to use a podcast strategy. Or perhaps it's email and you're like, “I got to get my email strategy nailed down.” Or maybe it is how you're going to create a community and what's your strategy to create a community for your business. Or you want to write a book and what's the strategy to write a book. These are all just strategies and they're all amazing, and they all work.

You could decide on different sales strategies. Maybe you like to do consults, and so getting people on a phone is your sales strategy. Maybe you love live launching, and so a live launch strategy is what you want to do. Or maybe you really love evergreen and you want to be as removed from the sales process as possible, so you come up with the idea that a big sales strategy that you want to implement is an evergreen sales strategy.

There are so many strategies. They're endless. The same is true for your offers. What's your strategy to list build with a free offer? What's your strategy around your paid offer? What kind of offer do you want to develop? Those are all strategies. They're all piece parts.

I like to use a view of a car, that if you think of a vehicle, some kind of a car, and you think of someone taking apart that entire car and all the pieces are strewn along your yard in the backyard, just all the pieces of the car, you probably couldn't even tell if it was a car. Maybe the wheels would give it away, but you would just see all these pieces everywhere. That's what a strategy is. The strategies are just all the pieces, all the piece parts. Having a framework is pulling it all together like a car, a business framework. I don't see that being taught very much, and I think it's really important. To me it's a foundation. It's why I'm creating the 10K Business Bootcamp, because it's literally your foundational course upon which you apply and build the different strategies. 

You really need this core baseline so that you're able to bring in the right strategies that are aligned to you. They could be aligned to your human design. They could be aligned to just what makes you feel good. They could be in alignment with your Enneagram type. It doesn't matter how you do the work of what strategy aligns to you, but you need to be able to put those aligned strategies into a framework. Without it, it's kind of like you're just throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping that maybe something sticks that's going to grow your business. I don't know about you, but we don't want to build our business that way. That's what I did. I did that for almost two years. I was trying every strategy under the sun until I worked with a coach that helped to put a framework in place, so that I could use my different strategies that were aligned to me to execute my business in a consistent, clear, repetitive way.

The 10K Business Bootcamp

That's what we're going to be doing inside the 10K Business Bootcamp. I'm going to be showing that for you. I'm going to be creating this course as a foundational course in business. We're going to really be looking at going over about six modules with a workbook and with worksheets, so that you can actually do the work right then and there. You’re really going to build the foundation of your business. We also have some bonus content that we're going to be doing as well. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of the blog post, I love a live studio audience. If you want to join me on Zoom while I am recording this very, very important course, the 10K Business Bootcamp, you are going to get a heavily discounted price point for doing so.

We're going to be putting this course together. It's going to be going out available always as a foundational course that we'll offer for $333. But, if you want to join us in the live studio audience, you are going to get it for $197 and you're going to get lifetime access to it, which is really powerful. You're also going to be part of a community so you can continue to ask questions after all of the modules and teaching.

The Live event will take place from May 1 – May 3, 2023 from 11am-12:30pm eastern. All of the modules will be recorded, so that you can watch the replays! There may also be time when we're done with the recordings so that you can ask me live questions. We'll have to see where

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What You Can Expect

We're going to be talking about setting a very core, solid business objective. Every business should have a business objective that they're striving towards. We like to call it the NOW Goal. We're going to go through your 10K Month Math. Whatever business goal you have in terms of revenue, we're going to just do some math around it. We're going to really go over your dream client and what I like to call your niche manifesto, which is your stake in the ground of your mission around your niche, and where you're going to be taking your niche, that movement, that message. We're going to go through not only your paid offer, but your free offer.

Now, I'm reminding you, these aren't strategies. These are frameworks so that you can put whatever kind of paid offer that you want in the framework. It's so powerful. I'm then going to take you through what I feel like is a gold mine, and that's the 10K Marketing Framework. I'm going to actually walk you through how to have a marketing framework. Marketing is everything. If you do not have leads coming in and you’re not nurturing those leads, you cannot make sales. There are lots of strategies to bring in new leads and to nurture those leads, but if you don't have a framework around that, you're not going to do it. It's really, really powerful. So, that right there is worth the price of admission.

Day three, we're going to be going through your sales framework, and then we're going to wrap it with what I believe are the core inner secrets to success, because you also need a framework on the inner work. You need a framework for your business AND you need a framework for your inner work. We will have a workbook with beautiful worksheets that are going to help you with each section of the framework, and then we've got some bonus content for you as well. The Profitable Podcasting Workshop and the four Ps of Profitable Content. I’m really, really excited, and again, we are going to be giving you early access if you attend live.

Join Us!

As a standalone course, the 10K Business Bootcamp is going to retail for $333, and we are going to give you an all access pass for $197 by joining us live. I'm so excited. I need you in my audience because I love having that energy and that audience, and you get the heavily discounted price points. It'll be one of those core courses that we just highly recommend everyone that we work with go through. It's that powerful, it's that important. 

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As a reminder, especially if you're new to me, I have been in this business world for a long time. I went and got my master's in business. It's not just the online world. I was at IBM for 20 years.

Before IBM, I was a consultant that helped businesses. And after IBM, I started three different businesses. I started a brick and mortar boutique, which I was able to bring to six figures in revenue in four months after opening the doors. I also became a top 2% leader in a network marketing company. I exited both of those businesses when I knew that coaching was where I wanted to be. So, back in 2018, I started my coaching business, and that's where I knew my heart and my soul really were meant to be. But, what I can tell you is that through all those businesses, all those businesses that I've worked with or started myself, it's this framework that was critical to all of those businesses.

It doesn't matter what type of business it is, it doesn't matter what marketing strategy you pick, it doesn't matter what sales strategy or what your offers or products are, this framework is the key to the kingdom. And it's what every successful business is doing out there. 

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