372 | What Prosperity Really Means

Today we are going to be talking about prosperity. What is prosperity? What does it mean to you? And how can you unlock the code inside of you to create prosperity in your life. 

I'm making a very conscious shift when talking about money and success because I've noticed in the online space on Instagram, LinkedIn and podcasts that there's so much emphasis on creating wealth and success and creating the seven figure business, the million dollar business, getting to the six figure level, all of these things. There's nothing wrong with it, but I want to offer a new perspective. It was a perspective that really came to me, was shared with me in a new program, a new tool, if you will, that I have been getting certified in, and cannot wait to share more with you about that.

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Freedom is Prosperity

But for now, I want to share an epiphany that I had that I really want to be very conscious about sharing because it's not about making a certain amount of money, it's really nothing about that. Honestly, I know for you, for me, for the women in our community, freedom is really the word that reflects how we wanna feel about having success in our business. Knowing that success in our business will create more freedom. Freedom with our time. Freedom to be able to spend our time doing things that we love with those that we love. I don't think it's about the feeling of getting rich and creating wealth just for the sake of it. So, I really see prosperity as being what creates true freedom.

True freedom comes when we are living a prosperous life. They go hand in hand to me. True prosperity is freedom. The word that my mentor has been sharing is liberation. Prosperity and liberation. I like to use the word freedom here instead of liberation. I really believe that it's had me take a big step back even in my own business to say, okay, what is prosperity and what does it mean to me? It's going to be a different definition for everyone. What I know for myself, and I really believe this is true for anyone in our community, is that prosperity is a combination of two things. Living out your higher purpose and having such passion about being able to have your higher purpose be your life's work, and being able to make money by serving others through living out that higher purpose in your business or in your career. 

Because you are passionate about living out your higher purpose, you are IGNITING others. They're paying you because you are serving them at the highest level because you're living out your higher purpose. It's such a beautiful thing and it creates true prosperity. Prosperity is a feeling. Prosperity is not a certain amount of money in the bank. It is a feeling. 

I noticed that I was truly beginning to fall into the trap, which I've fallen into before. It’s a trap of feeling like I have to go, go, go. I’ve got to create and I’ve got to get my business to the next level. Then thinking, “how do I get the business to the next level knowing that I needed to evolve myself?” They go hand in hand, but my motivation was all about how do I get the business to grow to the next level? That wasn't feeling great. It was feeling like I was grasping. It was feeling pressure. It was feeling impatience, and I knew something was off. What I realized was that it really isn't about getting the business to the next level financially. It is about truly having a business that creates, that helps to be a vehicle of that feeling of prosperity that I want to have. It caused me to take a step back and to go in again. And every time I do that, every time I know that I need to take a step back from all the “strategy” and all the “doing” and all the “how” and I go in, it's the most beautiful thing.

How to Unlock Prosperity

Usually what happens is the next mentor, book, or program or tool that I want to get certified in comes across my view, and that is going to be the thing that's going to help me evolve internally. It’s the internal transformation that actually creates the prosperity, that creates the success, that creates the next goal. It's not more “doing.” The way to unlock prosperity is really uncovering your higher purpose and then making sure that you are either building a business or building a career based off of that higher purpose, and that you have passion around that. That's prosperity. When you are showing up, loving the message that you're delivering, what you are teaching, how you are spending your time with others in their transformation, delivering your service or your product and it’s creating joy or happiness or more time or more money or more health, whatever it is that you are helping your clients achieve, that's prosperity. That is an amazing feeling, and I want you to really contemplate that word prosperity.

Your Vocation Awakening

The cool part about prosperity, especially if you're here in my community, is that it is about how you are here to serve others. Prosperity and freedom is about clarity and creative contribution. When we do not have clarity on what our higher purpose is and we're not growing and creating, we are stagnant and in the dark. I lived there for actually a couple of decades in my corporate career. What I was doing was not creating a feeling of prosperity in me and I was making a lot of money. It wasn't until I really started to lean in to understanding my higher purpose, having what I like to now call a vocation awakening that allowed me to feel prosperous. This vocation awakening is like this inner calling that just continues to call out to us, and until we heed the call, until we step into it and start to explore, okay, what is my higher purpose, you are going to keep hearing it. When you accept it and start to take action, that’s how your life changes.

Short Exercise

After you’re done reading this, I want you to maybe take a little time to sit with the two words prosperity and freedom, and write down whatever comes to mind for you. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What does feeling prosperous mean to you? 
  • What does feeling freedom mean for you?
  • Are you living your higher purpose? 
  • Do you feel the clarity of how you are going to be able to have creative contribution to the world, or are you still a bit murky and a bit frustrated because you know that you're here to do something more?

All the Answer Lie Within

I promise you the answer to everything is inside, not outside. In fact, one of the reasons that I have been going through this additional certification with a particular tool that I cannot wait to share with you, is for this very reason to help guide my clients. Well actually, it was to help myself and now it will help to guide my clients to go inside of themselves to truly make sure that they have clarity on their higher purpose and how to bring that essence through to what they're going to create in the world. Bringing that higher purpose out into the world with passion, so that they actually create income from that work and have a feeling of prosperity at the same time that they're actually working to build a business.

The business is the vehicle for the higher purpose so that they actually can feel prosperity no matter where their revenue is at. Revenue and prosperity, to me, are actually not connected to each other. When you are in a prosperous feeling state and you're feeling creatively free, you will attract your exact people that you need to work with to help. And that is how the money flows, right? So, it is just this beautiful coming together, but it starts with asking yourself questions. 

  • Do I feel prosperous? 
  • What does prosperity mean to me? 
  • What does freedom mean to me? 
  • What is my higher purpose? 
  • Am I willing to do some work to really uncover the higher purpose, to get to that level of clarity so that I can step into creative contribution in the world?

When you do that, I promise you, prosperity can't help but flow. 

I highly invite you, if you are not part of our community, to make sure that you jump into IGNITE Her Society, because this is truly where we're going to be putting so much focus on getting that clarity on your higher purpose, bringing it through the right vehicle so that you can have clarity and creative contribution, which will absolutely create prosperity in your life. 

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