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I am a big fan of using tools and different modalities to help us achieve breakthroughs. I've used lots of different tools and modalities over my time of being an entrepreneur to help me get to the next level of breakthrough. And when I say that, I don't necessarily mean financial breakthrough, although that usually is the result, but it's always the internal breakthrough that then brings the external result. I've worked with coaches whether it was in programs or in VIP days to get to a breakthrough. I've used tools like the Enneagram and Human Design. I've also leveraged different tools and frameworks that coaches have had inside their programs. 

I’ve worked with amazing mentors like Bob Proctor and recently, as I've been on a quest to help female coaches and other soul-based entrepreneurs. If you are a soul-based entrepreneur, you are someone that really wants to create an impact in your work, maybe you even want to write a book or start a podcast. You just know you want to create impact. You want to create service and help other people. I've wanted to help that kind of woman because I find that they're stuck, especially in their marketing. I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again because it’s that important –  The only thing standing between you and your dream client is marketing. The only thing standing between you and getting the dream client to work with you, or to get the book deal, or to land the podcast, or whatever result that you want – It's marketing.

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Marketing is the bridge. The marketing is what gets you from being invisible to visible for the person you are trying to connect with. Marketing can be a real problem for a lot of women, and they either have a lack of clarity on who their niche is, who their dream client is, what their message is, and what they're offering. Or it’s either women that have that pretty clear in their mind, but struggle to get it out in a message and in their marketing in a way that really resonates with their dream client. I'm not sure if either of those are where you are at, but I see it whether it's women that are full-time entrepreneurs, or with women who are part-time entrepreneurs maybe with a side hustle. 

I don't wanna see people stuck anymore. And so, as I looked for tools and modalities and how I can help someone really get that breakthrough from invisible to visible. From ho hum marketing messages that don't land to magnetic messages that completely attract your soul society. What happens is that because we get stuck in not knowing what to say and who we're saying it to, we end up saying nothing. Or, we see things that are just not that exciting, and they don't stop the scroll, and they don't hit our human that we're trying to hit. I've struggled with it too! It's something that I have worked really hard over the last six years to get better and better at.

Marketing is an Inside Job

What’s really cool is that I'm still working. I don't think you're ever done with working on your message, working on your marketing, really understanding who you're talking to. As I've said before, it's one of the most important things that you can do in your business because it's the communication between you and your dream clients. It's really important, but it's also an inside job. So, your marketing messaging is actually inside of you, your brand is inside of you, who you are here to attract, that knowing is inside of you. None of that is outside of you. There's no one on the outside of you that's going to tell you the answers to that. It's an inside job. But how do you get that out of yourself? Yes, you can totally work with coaches that maybe help to get it out of you, but how else can you go in to really harvest that? 

It's so cool because of course, when I ask questions, that's when the answers appear. That's when the next tool or modality or book or coach or mentor kind of comes in. So, I was having some fun with Human Design because it's super insightful, but I also was interested in if it could help us in our marketing. What I decided to do was poke at it. I started to work with someone in Human Design, but the door that it opened for me was something I never knew existed. That is what is called the Gene Keys. They totally hit my heart.

Gene Keys

Learning these tools has been wildly eye-opening for me. I've now been studying and geting certified in Gene Keys, and really going deep here and working on myself, my business, my marketing, and my messaging. It is absolutely stunning how it all comes together. The whole premise with the Gene Keys is that you create your profile and following a very specific path through your profile, you actually unravel your core gifts, your life's purpose, your higher purpose, why you're here, as well as what the creator calls the Pearl, or the prosperity path. This helps you to see your true calling in vocation, which helps you to see who your soul society is, which helps you with your brand and the message of your brand, as well as kind of like the bigger vision of where you ultimately should pursue your prosperity path.

It's so powerful and it was so eye-opening for me. I've been actually using it with some other clients and even with my family, and it's been astounding. I needed to make sure it wasn't just me that was having this huge epiphany with the Gene Keys, so I decided to test it out with some other clients, and it's just been nothing short of amazing. So, we are bringing the Gene Keys as a tool into our work with clients to help them really uncover their true gifts, their higher purpose, their calling, their brand, and who their soul society is. What happens is the level of clarity that comes from this work creates that clear message in the marketplace. It also creates this belief and confidence at almost like a cellular level, which is huge, because if you don't have belief and confidence in your marketing, it can be really challenging to be successful.

People Buy Belief

People take action based on belief. If you don't have the belief, they're not going to buy it from you. It’s really powerful. So, I have a free masterclass coming up. We start on May 30th. It's called the Marketing Magnetics Masterclass. In this masterclass, I'm actually going to be talking about the Gene Keys. I'm going to actually show you my profile, and what has transpired from my going deep with this tool to really uncover the inner work of my message, my brand, my true calling, and also where things could go if I continue down the path of my journey.

I invite you to come and learn a lot more! We start on May 30th! As I said, everything will be recorded. You just need to register. And when you register, you'll get the link to the private Facebook group that we will be housing all the replays. 


We're going to be doing some giveaways, there will be a sense of community and some, really good connection in there. It'll be just a pop-up Facebook group that we use just for this masterclass. It's not a huge commitment, but it's gonna be worth your while, I promise you. It is something I would not miss. If you're a female coach, course creator, soul-based entrepreneur, this is going to be your jam so that you can go from being invisible to visible.

You can go into your marketing with belief and confidence and be IGNITED, because that is what is going to attract your soul society to you. I can't wait to see you inside and bring your friend, share it. The more the merrier. We'd love to have more of you incredible light workers and coaches and amazing, amazing entrepreneurs that want to make a difference. 

This is going to be a class that can really change your perspective and your future. 

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