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Today we’re chatting about the five things that are standing between you and your dream client. The five things that if you could focus on, and really get better and better, at your business can't help but go to the next level. These are five things that I have been working on for the five years now that I've been in business, but also that I'm always working on. We're never done. I really want you to see your niche and your dream client as this living, breathing thing that needs to continuously be looked at and evolved. With every client, every launch, every consult, every month, or year that goes by, you evolve and so does your business and who you are serving. 

Evolution is a beautiful thing. There's nothing wrong with it. In fact, sometimes people forget that it is evolving. So when it's evolving, it means that you need to take periodic looks at it and ask yourself if it still fits. In fact, I just revamped my entire website copy because I noticed it was off from my current message based off of my evolution. 

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I definitely am not the same since my website was last updated in September 2022. I had done a big rebrand and refresh of my website in September of 2022 and here we are in May 2023 (at the time of this posting), and I already need to make some pretty big changes to the copy. That's the beauty of being a female coach and soul based entrepreneur – You’re going to continuously evolve, and therefore you're messaging, your dream client, and your niche evolves as well. 

The five things that I want you to be thinking about as you’re continually evolving are:

1. Clarity

Getting total clarity on who you're serving, what your mission is, the vision of your business, what offers you have that you're bringing to market are so key. Now remember, the caveat here is that clarity will not last forever, and then you'll be continuing to refine the clarity on the next level.

2. Conviction

This is such a powerful word. It's your beliefs. It's the things that you stand for. What you’re here to yell from the rooftops that you feel so strongly about. Your convictions are actually what sell because people buy belief. Especially if you're a coach. Especially if you're a service-based entrepreneur. People buy belief. So where does that belief come from? It starts from you. It's this inside out deep belief in results your dream client will get from working with you. That belief, that conviction, is something that you want to fan until it becomes a fire. Like an ember in your fireplace. That's how you need to see your convictions. You need to start them and, and get them going, and have them become this deep fire within you because that is what really resonates with people.

3. Content

When you have clarity and conviction, you can then create content. When I talk about content here, I specifically mean what I call it the Magnetic Core Content. Your core piece of content that when your dream client consumes it, they read it, they watch it, or they listen to it, it makes them want to work with you ASAP! That kind of piece of content is epic, but you can't create it without clarity and conviction! Those have to come first. 

4. Convert

When you have Magnetic Core Content, you can then convert. We've got to convert people from a lead to actually working with you and becoming a client.

5. Confidence

When you have clarity and strong conviction and content that creates conversion, you have confidence! You have the confidence to go on a podcast or onto a live, or to get up and on stage in front of other people. It's so strong and so clear and your confidence is exuding. It almost creates this beautiful aura around you. That's the holy grail. That's the magic. And it takes work. It takes work, it takes contemplation, it takes coaching, and it takes practice. You've got to practice. That's why I had my clients practicing and speaking about their niche today on Zoom. I want them to feel the feeling. I want them to practice feeling it and stepping into the feeling and not just being so much in their logical mind when they talk about their niche. It's so powerful.

How You Apply The 5 Cs

I'd love to see you join us inside the Marketing Magnetics Masterclass. We start on May 30th! Please join us because if you loved this blog post, these are the topics that I’m going to be covering in this free masterclass – clarity, conviction, content, conversion, and confidence. We're going to be talking about how to create marketing magic. When you create marketing magic, it literally becomes a magnet for your dream clients. 

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There's going to be a workbook that goes alongside the class, and I can guarantee that you'll never look at marketing the same way again. I always tell my clients, please do not complain about marketing because it's a gift. Marketing is simply getting your message clearly to your dream client. That's it. And if you do it well enough, if you get your message in a strong enough way to your dream client and you do it enough times, your business cannot help but grow.

We overcomplicate this, but here's what I see and believe. Marketing and mindset are inextricably attached to each other. When you're selling and marketing a service, because you're trying to market and sell you, and I'll say it over and over and over again, your business cannot outperform your marketing and your marketing cannot outperform you if you are a coach or service provider. So, if you are a coach or service provider, I highly recommend that you join us in the Marketing Magnetics Masterclass. It's going be epic. We're gonna have fun. It will absolutely change the way that you see marketing. 

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