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This blog post is actually kind of special because I'm starting to talk about things that I have honestly held within. Let's just say I have kept myself in the “woo woo” closet a little too long. There are things that I have been studying, getting certified in, and really diving deep in for my own personal inner journey, and in my business evolution. I'm so excited to actually start bringing it into the world in a bigger and bolder way.

Over my years of doing the inner work, I have uncovered the things that resonate with me. I really don't believe that one size fits all in anything. It's why you'll never hear me just teach one tool, one strategy, one way of anything because we're all very unique, and we need to learn to follow our soul. We need to learn to follow our inner intuition to know what's right for us and not try to force things.

So, you may ask, why have I been in the “woo” closet? I didn't want to turn anyone away from me from things I wanted to talk about. However, that's exactly what we need to do in the online space. We need to really step into our truth and talk about what we want to talk about. That allows for those that do want to hear the message, that it does resonate with, to really be impacted versus keeping it too vanilla.

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Human Design & The Gene Keys

I am not a Human Design expert. I have no intention of becoming a Human Design expert. I am certified in the Gene Keys. That is something that I decided I really wanted to understand deeper. I am also not a Human Design purist. From all that I've studied from coaches that I've worked with to the many trainings I have done so far in Human Design, there are things that do not quite resonate with me, or they just literally are neutral for me. Meaning they really haven't influenced me one way or another. There are some aspects I'm very lukewarm about, there are some things I am deeply passionate about, and then there are other things that I am actively looking into and experimenting with. My goal with you and with the clients that I'm working with is leveraging the pieces that absolutely resonate and can help my clients and can help you be able to continue your inner transformation, your inner growth. Which is the whole point of why we're here on this planet. We're here to evolve. We're here to grow. There are different tools and things that can help us on that path of growth. My philosophy is bringing together many different teachers, many different aspects of different tools to help my clients and to help you be able to know yourself better.

That's the whole point. The better you know you, the more you can see your patterns that serve you, and more importantly, the patterns that are not of service to you that are holding you back. I really wanted to share that because really how I'm running my programs with my clients is a combination. It is utilizing the deep work that I did with Bob Proctor. It’s the work from the Life Coach School where I was certified as a life coach. It’s also the work with the Gene Keys and getting certified with Richard Rudd. There are also many, many trainings I have done in Human Design and the Enneagram. I even incorporate different books that have really helped me, and also include my own tools and processes that I've created on my own. I really bring all those elements together. I will never be the Gene Keys expert, the Human Design expert, or the Enneagram expert, that's just not me.

The Lifelong Evolution of You

Where I am focused is helping you and helping my clients have an inner transformation to continue on the lifelong path of the evolution of you. That's why I'm here on this planet. I have no doubt about that. What's cool is that the evolution of you very often brings out what your true calling is. It is also a pivotal, pivotal component to your marketing. If you are in business, you cannot outperform your marketing. Your business cannot outperform your marketing, and your marketing cannot outperform the evolution of you. In fact, the gems, the hidden gems of your marketing message are in the inner work. It is the coolest thing. My purpose is to help others awaken and allow that inner work be the driver of a lifelong evolution of you to create by design the life that you want to live. And that is exactly what I want to talk about today.

I want to have this first opportunity outside of the “woo woo” closet to share something that I am extremely passionate about, and that is the Gene Keys. Richard Rudd is the creator of the Gene Keys, and they are based on the same system, if you will, as Human Design. But, there are some pretty significant differences. For example, in the Gene Keys, it's less about type authority and strategy, and more about self-illumination and your overall frequency, and really focusing more on the inner transformation on a lot of your conditioning that you've gotten over the years from your childhood into your gifts. Into that higher level version of yourself. It has just resonated with me at a whole new level.

The Incarnation Cross

There are some missing pieces that the Gene Keys don't bring in from Human Design that I really love as well. So, I really like to look at both systems and figure out which pieces have really helped me. What we're going to talk about today is the Incarnation Cross, which is part of Human Design, and then the Activation Sequence which is part of the Gene Keys. They're the same thing, but there are different ways to go deeper and understand yours. I will tell you that I really started looking into Human Design before I ever heard of the Gene Keys, which is very common for most people that end up finding the Gene Keys. From a Human Design standpoint, I'm a Manifesting Generator. I am a 2-4 profile. I am an emotional authority. That was all good to find out.

However, there were different pieces of that that just weren’t resonating with me and weren’t clicking entirely. Many purists of the Human Design system will say exactly what the creator Ra Uru Hu said, “the only thing that really matters is your strategy and your authority.” That may be true, but my theory here is that, especially for certain people potentially manifesting generators, generators, and those with an open head center; which is well over the majority of the population on the planet. I think that comprises like 70% of humans. So there's a good chance that that's you. Just before Ra passed away said something along the lines of how frustrating it has been to try to get manifesting generators and generators to follow their authority. To follow that inner authority, whether it's emotional, sacral or splenic.

The challenge with that is that that's the whole point! For an emotional authority, which is what I am, it's being able to allow your emotions to settle down so that you can actually get to that sacral “heck yes” or “heck no.” Following that inner authority and emotions can really get in the way of that. Splenic Authority means that in your stillness you can really get the authority through your inner intuition, and so on. Here's the problem. If anyone could just sit and get quiet and go into their intuition, they would. If anyone could just allow the emotions to ride and then make a decision, they would. The problem is we are so conditioned from our childhood, from the society we live in, from the culture that we’re in, from whether we're male or female and the different roles that we are, or whatever other circumstances, that it's almost impossible to get to that inner authority in the way that Human Design is taught.

How I Gained Clarity

Again, lots of Human Design, purists and experts will probably totally disagree with me on this. What I have experienced is that the whole point of Human Design is supposed to be an experiment. You're supposed to experiment with things, and I have been experimenting. What’s funny is that my inner authority tells me continuously that there's so much conditioning in people that the ability to get to that inner authority is so challenging. To me, the first step is actually more about deconditioning. It's about getting out all those paradigms and habitual thinking and feeling, and habitual ways of making decisions that are so part of the subconscious. So in theory, of course it makes so much sense to follow your gut, your intuition, your inner authority, but when that inner authority is so clouded by conditioning, we have to remove the conditioning first.

I know this is resonating with some of you right now because maybe you've struggled with this as well. So that said, my focus is helping people get deconditioned so that they can actually fully live their design. One thing that really intuitively hit me, when I was first getting my Human Design chart read, and I worked with a couple of coaches to do that, is my sacral, my inner authority, my soul was super drawn to the profile and to the Incarnation Cross. What I found was that no one really talked about it. I even Googled “Incarnation Cross,” and barely anything came up. I thought, “huh, it says that this is something about my life's purpose. I think I want to know more about this, but there's not a ton out there.” Then also with my profile, it was extremely limited of what a 2-4 profile was all about.

I took a couple of courses here and there, but it really didn't hit or resonate with me fully until the Gene Keys came along. I just love how the universe works. It presents you with the thing that is next for you to respond to. You better believe I responded with a full “hell yes” when I discovered the Gene Keys.

It was like everything crystallized into this beautiful clarity. The thing that I love about the Gene Keys is the simplicity. You don't absolutely have to have a full-blown expert reading of your entire chart because it's so confusing. It's great to get some support and some guidance. It's why Richard Rudd, the founder, calls the certification program becoming a guide rather than a Human Design reader. You can read your own Gene Keys profile. However, it can be very helpful to get some coaching around the deconditioning once you start getting into the Gene Keys, but you don't need an expert reader to start doing some of the work. That really stood out for me because anything that I am working on to get a deeper understanding of, I'm bringing to you.

If I'm going to bring something to you that's so complex that requires you to hire someone to read your individual chart, that's not my favorite thing to do. I think that's something that you actually should do at some point, but it's often not the starting point. I look at it as though you start with the Gene Keys, and then you supplement to go deeper with Human Design. That is how I'm using it. It has been extremely powerful. It is how we're using it with our clients as well.

Exploring the Incarnation Cross

In Human Design, your Incarnation Cross is your conscious sun and earth and your unconscious sun and earth. I look at the sun and earth in a hugely symbolic way. The sun is like your primary energy source, and the earth is kind of what grounds you. Those two things, your conscious sun, conscious earth, unconscious sun and unconscious earth are the four different gates in Human Design. They create your Incarnation Cross. It's like 70% of what you're here to do and uncover in your transformation and in your inner work.

That's something I wanted to understand more about, but again, I wasn’t finding a lot of information on it. When I turned to the Gene Keys, I was so pleasantly surprised to see and learn that the Activation Sequence, the genius sequence inside of the Gene Keys is the pathway through your Incarnation Cross inside of your Human Design chart. Your profile has a huge component to the Activation Sequence. Think of being able to go through a step-by-step process to go through your Incarnation Cross using the Gene Keys, and being able to have profound insight, profound breakthroughs, and profound transformation. If you have profound transformation and deep insight and awareness, and you're deconditioning major aspects of your inner self and all the programming inside of you, you're going to be able to be open to listening to your inner authority so much more instead of listening to all the conditioning.

It's been this most beautiful awakening to discover that there's a way to go deeper in very important parts of your Human Design by using the Gene Keys’ Activation Sequence inside of your Gene Keys profile. If you go to GeneKeys.com, you can create your free profile so that you can kind of get a sense of what I'm talking about. What's powerful is that the Activation Sequence is your Incarnation Cross in Human Design. I just absolutely love it. Richard Rudd, who created the Gene Keys, said this really lays the foundation for a breakthrough in your life.

If you're looking at the Activation Sequence, it's four Gene Keys plus a line. For example, 6.2 is my first sphere in the Gene Keys profile and that's my life's work. The way that this works is that the first number before the decimal point is a number from 1 to 64. It is all of the different gates in your Human Design chart. It is the 64 Gene Keys, and it's really your conscious sun. That's the first sphere and it's called your Life's Work. Then, the second sphere is what's called the Evolution, and that is your conscious earth. It then moves over to your Radiance. That's the third sphere in the activation sequence that is your unconscious sun and then into your purpose, which is your unconscious earth. It's a process. It's a process where you are doing the work of contemplation, of really leveling up your awareness of each of these spheres. The four spheres together of the Activation Sequence create your Incarnation Cross in Human Design. What Richard Rudd says in his teachings is that the four spheres of the Activation Sequence are referred to as the Incarnation Cross.

He said these four spheres denote over 70% of your being. Now, if that’s 70% of your being, I would say that's pretty important to take a look at! Not from a perspective of putting yourself in a box of any kind, but from understanding your conditioning and where you're not fully in the highest frequency within your design. The higher your frequency in your design, the more you're going to be able to tap into things like your inner authority.

The lines of your profile are in your activation sequence. For example, I will give you mine. My line when it comes to my conscious sun and my conscious earth, which are the two first spheres of the Activation Sequence in the Gene Keys, is a line 2. Then, my line for the Radiance and Purpose sphere, which is the other part of my Incarnation Cross, is a line 4 which makes sense because I'm a 2-4 in Human Design. In Gene Keys, you can see what your Human Design profile is as well because you take the line of your conscious sun and earth and you take the line of your unconscious sun and earth, and that’s your Human Design profile. So, I'm a 2-4. What's powerful about inside the genius sequence, the Activation Sequence in the Gene Key, is that we can find out so much about ourselves in just looking at our Incarnation Cross and our profile and doing it in a really simple way in Gene Keys. I just absolutely love the simplicity that Richard Rudd has been able to do, because as he said, it's all about raising your inner awareness of the conditioning that you have.

Writing the Script of Your Life

All that conditioning is blocking you from being able to make decisions based on your design. So let's knock down the conditioning! That is so, so key. Now, what he goes on to talk about is that when you think about your Incarnation Cross, and you think of the first two numbers, mine's 6-36. So, my Life's Work is a 6 and my Evolution is a 36 in Gene Keys. Richard Rudd said that that's your conscious sun and your conscious earth, and it's symbolic. It's like the expression of what you do, and it's all about setting up a basic tension that writes the script of your life. The basic underlying challenge, quite frankly, that you must overcome to truly live life at the highest frequency. It's like your work, which is really powerful. I just love this because when you go through that first pathway of challenge inside the Activation Sequence, which is the first two numbers of your Incarnation Cross, you can have a huge breakthrough, which is what we're looking for.

We're looking to have these breakthroughs so that we get rid of the conditioning so that we can actually live our design. That's the whole thing. In Human Design it's very often called “the not self.” Well, The Not Self, is the conditioned you. I'm actually going to be doing a workshop on all of these Human Design and Gene Key points we’re talking about here that goes deeper with a visual presentation.

If you're interested in knowing when I'm going to do that workshop, so you can see all of this firsthand, go give me a follow on Instagram @julieciardi. Click here to give me a follow!

You can pull up your profile and we can be working on it together during the workshop. I actually just created a new Broadcast Channel in Instagram specifically for all of my Human Design and Gene Key work. If you're not familiar with a Broadcast Channel, it's awesome. It's a way that we can be in the DMs, I can share things like when the next workshop's going to be, and give some tips and things like that.

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I also wanted to share a couple of other things Richard Rudd has to say about the Incarnation Cross. It's kind of like the first two gates. The first two Gene Keys that make up your Incarnation Cross are really like the evolution of your inner self – The conditioning, what you need to work on, your biggest life lessons that you need to go through.

He says that when you go through it, and you start to have the transformation, that that is when your Radiance and Purpose can shine through. Radiance and Purpose are the other two gates in your Incarnation Cross, as those are on the unconscious side. The conscious side is really that life's work, and the evolution and that programming pair of gates or Gene Keys that you need to decondition. Once deconditioned or you've been deconditioning them, that light begins to shine through. He says that we have this light that's locked away inside us, and that there's this great inner light burning. When we really step into the patterns and conditioning that's holding us back, which is again the first part of the work in the activation sequence, then the light can shine through. He said, that's when you can see your radiance.

Your radiance, he said, dictates your health, your vitality and your aura. Your aura is the electromagnetic afterglow of your inner essence. Here's the kicker. Are you ready for this? This goes back to what I was sharing at the beginning. He said, when your radiance is open and you're really in that healthy spot internally – and I say healthy meaning in the inner work healthy – that what happens is that your radiance acts as the hidden instrument of your intuition. And what did I say earlier? The more conditioning we have, the harder it is to actually listen to anything but the mind and the conditioning. We've got to decondition so that we can live our design. I really believe that in my soul. He goes on to say that your radiance warns you of potential threats in the energetic environment around you. It's like a GPS, and it guides you in finding the right experiences and people in life. So, we can't have that blocked. If that's blocked, we're not going to see the right people in our life. We're not going to be able to have the right things drawn to us.

Your Higher Purpose

Then we go into the final component of the activation sequence, which is the last gate of the Incarnation Cross. It's really powerful. Richard Rudd says that the Gene Keys teach us that our potential to thrive in life depends on maintaining a high frequency attitude. I cannot agree more. This comes about as we own, understand and accept our shadow tendencies. That's the whole point. When we understand our shadow tendencies, when we understand our condition tendencies, man can we bust through them into the gift! 

He talks about the purpose, which is your final step in the activation sequence. It's really not just purpose. It's about this higher purpose. It's about who we are being. He says it represents the essence of your humanity, of your beautiful ordinariness, and your love of being alive instead of a physical body on the physical plane. He said your purpose is to fill your body with your up-leveled consciousness. He said your deepest purpose is simply to BE. The first two gates in your Incarnation Cross, those are in your conscious. In your personality. Richard Rudd says that that’s what you need to do in life. Your unconscious part of your Incarnation Cross, which is the second two gates, he said, that's who you BE. That's who you become. That's the way of being. So, the more that you do the inner work that you need to do, the more you become who you're meant to be while you're here on this planet. Is that not the coolest, most beautiful thing? 

We covered a lot today, and if you're brand new to both Human Design and Gene Keys, it was probably a little overwhelming. If you understand a bit about Human Design, but not Gene Keys, I think I probably sparked your interest to go much deeper because again, Incarnation Cross and the profile is kind of a secondary thing that's taught in Human Design for the most part. I'm here to tell you that it can actually be the place to unlock true transformation and growth. 

I'm going to be doing a workshop to go deeper on this. And again, if it's something that you would like to participate in, please go subscribe for free to my Broadcast Channel on Instagram.

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I will be sharing when the workshop will be, and it is going to be really powerful. I can't wait for it. We're going to have a lot of fun with it. We hold these things lightly. It's all about self-discovery, experimentation, and being able to understand where you need to decondition. If you're brand new to Gene Keys and Human Design, come to the workshop. I'm going to start with the basics. What I can tell you is that the more that you have the tools to figure yourself out, to see where the conditioning is, to see where the patterns are that don't serve you, and to be able to transform into the light of who you truly are, your life changes. 

When I say changes, yes, a hundred percent your business can change. You can have a lot more success from a prosperity standpoint, but relationships definitely get impacted through this work. But, you and how you feel about you, how you feel when it's just you sitting by yourself in your body is mind-blowingly amazing. You're just happier. The more you go into the conditioning, the more you go into the patterns that don't serve you to find the gifts, to find how to get into a higher frequency, it seems like that's going to be really hard and it can be. But, on the other side of it is this most beautiful life. I can't wait to show you this. 

If you're interested and you want to come and learn more about the Incarnation Cross plus your Human Design profile and how we use the Gene Keys and the activation sequence to actually go through your incarnation cross for transformation, come to the workshop. simply go to Instagram, get subscribed and follow my Broadcast Channel.

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