387 | How Human Design & Gene Keys Create Clarity in Your Brand, Niche, Messaging & Business Models

Today’s blog post is all about how I use Human Design and the Gene Keys to get to clarity in my business. I have a free new resource to help you start your journey to the same level of clarity, and help you with getting your brand in a soul aligned way so that you become referable, you become known. This resource is called your Brand Blueprint. It's a way to start using Human Design and Gene Keys to start working on that clarity of your brand. 

I'm super transparent with my clients. I am sharing all the time the journey of entrepreneurship and the behind the scenes, and my own inner journey and work that's required. We're always evolving, we're always growing as entrepreneurs, we have to, we cannot stay still. The fact that when I was working with Bob Proctor and studying with Bob Proctor, that he was learning new things and sharing what he was studying at age 87 with his students, that's what I want to emulate because I want my clients who might now be on their second, third, maybe even fourth year with me in some capacity to be gaining even more insight and breakthroughs of their own, because I'm always growing.

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You Are the Product

As an entrepreneur, you really always want to be working with a coach, working on a specific component of your inner growth. Why? Because your business can't outperform you. Your marketing cannot outperform you. Therefore you're in this constant growth, this inner growth, this awareness, this awakening, this continued deepening of knowing yourself, your true self, because your mind is so conditioned and riddles with paradigms that are going to hold you back. Our work is to actually rise above the conditioning and go deep within who we really are, our soul. Most of you reading this are solopreneurs, coaches, or services based entrepreneurs that are really selling your services. You're selling you. You're marketing you. You are the product. 

If you are the product, we best make sure that that product is as high quality of a product as possible. As a coach or a consultant, how do we become the highest quality product? It's growth. It's doing our own work. It's eating our own cooking. It's going and getting coached and investing. If you want someone to invest in you, you better make sure you are investing in you because you're the product. 

I lead with that before I go into what I really wanted to share, which is some of the work that I've been doing with the coach that I'm working with. I just want to make sure that's really clear. That you should always be investing in you in both time and money. I'm either working with a coach and going deeper in understanding me, getting unblocked, and getting into that next level of growth for myself. 

I love to deepen my craft by learning and getting certified in different things. I have about three different certifications in the coaching space right now, and I'm about to start a fourth. It's not because I think you need a bunch of certifications to be a coach and to be an entrepreneur, but it’s because I want to get better and better at being a coach, at being a mentor, and at being a guide and a teacher. For me to be able to do that and show up for my clients in that way, I always want to be learning. We are never done learning and growing. 

What I've Been Up To!

The work that I've been focusing on right now is I've really been working with a coach and in a mastermind to go much deeper in understanding the true essence of my mission, my brand, and where I can potentially get blocked in being able to speak my real truth in order to be able to serve my soul society at the highest level that's been illuminating. I’m using tools like the Gene Keys and Human Design to be able to do that. On the flip side, I am going deeper. I got certified in the Gene Keys, and I am about to get certified in Human Design for business. The reason that I'm doing that, the reason I'm investing both time and money to do that, is my mind. Now I get why we say “my mind is blown.” When we say “our mind was blown,” it's that we had an epiphany. We had a breakthrough because our mind is always in charge. 

When we can bust through the mind, when we can blow the mind, we see the truth. I've been able to see the truth at the soul level. I really believe that tools like Human Design and Gene Keys, they help you see the truth. They help you get to speak to your soul. They help you tap into that intuition by clearing the mind out. As I’ve gone deeper in using those tools for my business, it’s been absolutely amazing. 

The Epiphany I Uncovered in My Business

What I was able to uncover, again, going deeper in Human Design and working with a coach and a mastermind was this – I have a fundamental dilemma, a fundamental conflict, a fundamental friction and resistance that has been in my business now for a couple of years. Two years to be exact, and here's what it is: 

I am great at teaching and coaching on business strategy. Really good at it. It's what my background was for 20 something years. I have my MBA in business, and I love teaching the inner journey, the inner work, the mindset to busting through self-image. All of the inner work that's required to be successful in business. To be successful in anything. The dilemma has been the friction between the two. I call it the magic in the marketing, the woo and the logic, the right and left brain. 

This conflict between the two has presented itself in the following ways. 

  1. I either go all in on strategy and know selling offers that are all based on business strategy and marketing, or 
  2. I go all in on offers around  your inner work, living by design, and IGNITING Her. That’s how you get to any result, it’s all the inner work. 

I was keeping them almost like an either/or. I'm either going to be helping people on their inner work and their inner journey to create results that they want in their life, OR I'm going to be helping women in creating successful businesses. I was holding back in really being able to do both where it's the woo and the logic, the soul and the strategy, the magic and the marketing. 

Because I could not see how simple it actually was to bring the two together, it was keeping my business divided. I would have an offer around for any woman that wanted to design a better life and to create new results, Or I would go all in on  how to get to $10K months in your business rather than bringing them both together in the most powerful way. Now, when I started to bring them together in the most powerful way, I got some resistance even within my own client base. I think that was holding me back, too. There was a fundamental concern of some of my audience that to go into the inner work, to go into the woo, to go into the magic of really uncovering who you really are would be against their religion. That was holding me back.

Because of course, I love my clients, I love my audience, but that was the friction. That was the conflict that continued to rise up. Then, I wasn't really being me. I wasn’t doing what I'm meant to do and say and be in this world, and who I'm meant to serve. And so, the epiphany that this is my calling: To bring the two together in the deepest way, and to be so free in what I want to share and what I want to teach and to help people at breakthroughs. The cool this is, really stepping into that, (and again, it got uncovered by going into my own Human Design and Gene Keys) is this…. 

I am hearing responses from brand new clients saying

  • I just 3X’d my initial investment with you in a month's time
  • I have so much clarity in my business right now than I have ever had. Thank you. I have never been happier or more excited. 

I can see the difference when I show up as who I'm truly meant to be, and it's a beautiful thing not just for me, but for my clients. 

Why Human Design & Gene Keys Can Help with Clarity

We make the mistake of trying to think our way into clarity. Clarity on our niche, our business and our message, what our marketing strategy is, our sales strategy, and how we are going to put our offers together, and all these things. We try to think our way through all of that. Sometimes that's fine. Other times we're stuck. We're stuck, we're confused, we're not sure because all this stuff is coming up inside of us. When we try to think our way through it, it actually gets worse. There's a reason for that. 

The reason that it doesn't work is that we are so conditioned. We have all of these habitual thoughts, habitual feelings, habitual ways of trying to solve problems. These habitual ways of thinking prevent us from being able to get to the true source of clarity, which is our soul and aspects of our unconscious. Your soul is who you truly are without all the conditioning and who you are meant to be in this world without all the conditioning and paradigms. Getting to clarity is so important, but it can't just be through the thinking mind. It's not something you can outsource to someone else. 

Only you know your soul's purpose. Only you know why you're here. Only you know what your message should be, who you should be serving, and how you want to be delivering your offers and all of those things. The answers are actually in you. Since we can't just use our thinking mind, what do we use instead? Well, I think we're all very used to the concept of working with a coach. But, here's the challenge with this. Many, many people call themselves coaches, but what they really are are strategists. There's a big difference between coaches and strategists. A strategist is more likely to tell you what to do. How to do your marketing, how to do your sales, maybe teaching you a process to do marketing and to do sales. 

When you don't have clarity, you need a coach. All the strategies in the world will not work without clarity. The only way strategy can work is if you have clarity. If you don't have clarity, you will spin your wheels. I've been there, so I'm speaking from experience where you will put all this time, effort, and probably money into a strategy and working with a strategist and not get results. Because, only clear messaging, only clear niches, only clear problem solving can go through a strategy. So, what you really need is a coach. A coach is never going to tell you what to do. A true coach is going to help you get the answers from within. That's what a true coach does. So, a true coach is a fantastic way to get to that clarity. But, another way that you can get to that clarity are tools. 

Tools can help you get to clarity. Tools can help you start to see things differently. Tools can help to shift your perspective into clarity, which is the key here. I've tried different tools, and I think coaching is a tool, but there are two tools right now that I am just obsessed with for the sole purpose of getting to clarity. Again, let's remember, clarity is your soul talking. Your soul is you already knowing without all the conditioning, without all the fear, without all the, “what are people going to think,” without all lack of confidence and self-doubt. The tools I love to go deeper into getting to that level of clarity from the inside out, from your soul, are the Gene Keys and Human Design. 

The reason for that is I believe that they are a method of communicating to the soul. A method of communicating to your intuition. I believe intuition is the language of the soul. So when you are trying to figure out 

  • Who, what is my niche? 
  • Who am I supposed to be working with? What is my message? 
  • What offers should I be creating? 
  • How should I be structuring my business? 

I promise you, your soul already knows intuitively the answers to those questions. You know, and no one can tell you what those things are. 

How I Use Gene Keys & Human Design

I use my Gene Key Profile, and I use my Human Design body graph. Now, I'm going to be really clear. I do not use the entire Gene Key Profile. I do not use my entire Human Design body graph. In fact, there are many aspects, especially of my Human Design body graph that I just don't leverage at all, and I do not leverage with my clients. I'm about simple and I'm about tuning in to get past the paradigms and into the intuition. Being able to listen to your soul. That's the whole key here. 

The other aspect to keep in mind is that I'm leveraging my Human Design body graph and my Gene Key profile, which are very related by the way, for business. Clarity in my message, my niche, and who I'm serving. My main message into the nuanced messages and then into the deeper messages. I call it the messaging hub. You should literally have this messaging hub that is all the messages that you share, and you just keep repeating. Repetition is the key to marketing. 

We're using these tools specifically to help get clarity in business. I'm really looking at a few key things, and I'm going to share what those few key things are right now. 

Your Profile

Our profile is a term in Human Design. There's only 12 profiles in Human Design which are made up of two numbers. For example, I’m a 2/4. I'm not going to go into all of them today by any means, but I'm just sharing with you what specific aspects of Human Design and Gene Keys I use for my business. So, I use my Human Design profile,and on the Gene Keys side, I use what is called the Activation Sequence. It's four specific Gates, four specific Gene Keys in my profile. They're also in my Human Design profile, and they're called the Incarnation Cross inside of Human Design. They're essentially the same thing. The Activation Sequence and the Incarnation Cross are the same thing.

The Conscious & Unconscious Mercury Gate & Line

We also look at the Conscious and Unconscious Mercury Gate and Line. Why it's mercury is because it’s all about communication. What and how you are here to communicate in the world. Mercury becomes very important in your messaging. That's something that’s really resonated with me big time. 

The Pearl Sequence

The final thing that I look at when it comes to business is the Pearl Sequence inside of the Gene Keys Profile. The pearl sequence is a term Richard Rudd, the creator of the Gene Keys, came up with. The whole idea is that it's your path to prosperity. It is your individual pathway to how you show up in the world, the work that you do, your brand, who you're meant to serve, and kind of the ultimate vision of what you and your brand and your mission ultimately have the potential to become. 

The key is potential. Each of these sequences, your Human Design body graph and your Gene Keys profile, it's all about your potential. Your highest frequency, your highest potential, and also your shadow frequencies which is where you are when you're not in your highest potential. The pearl sequence is four gates in Gene Keys. 

When it comes to the Pearl Sequence, the way that it works is the first part of the sequence is your Vocation. It reveals your vocation. In the Human Design body graph, it's your Unconscious Mars. But, in Gene Keys, it’s the Vocation Sphere. It helps you unlock clarity on your true vocation, your true calling. 

Then, the sequence moves into what Richard Rudd calls your Culture Sphere or your Culture Gene Key. That is all about who you're meant to work with and how you're meant to work with them. When it comes to your business model, the Culture Sphere is huge. In Human Design, in the body graph, it's your Unconscious Jupiter. We often can get into the wrong business models. When I talk about business models, it's things like, are you meant to really  be an entrepreneur, are you meant to be in a partnership, or are you meant to be in kind of a smaller  group, et cetera. 

The third sphere in the Pearl Sequence in your Gene Keys Profile is called your Brand. It's actually also known as your Life's Work. It's really the essence of who you are being in your brand. In Human Design, it's your Conscious Sun, part of your Incarnation Cross. 

The final piece of the Pearl Sequence is the Pearl itself. In Human Design terms, it’s the Conscious Jupiter. The Pearl is all about if you really step into your full potential, if are building your business and your personal brand, and you're showing up with the right mission and message and all of the things, it's almost what Richard Red calls your Harvest. 

It's kind of the culmination of who you become and what you get to realize in your path to prosperity. It's so cool. What I want you to take from this is that there is a way, there is a set of tools that when used together, they absolutely can reveal the clarity around your calling, around the main message you should be bringing out into the world, around your brand, around who you're meant to work with. The answers are inside of you and these tools help to reveal them. 

IGNITE Her Brand

What I want to do for you is I want to bring this together in a way that can really help you start to do something about it. Inside of my program, IGNITE Her Brand, I have what I call the Referral Marketing Method. In the Referral Marketing Method, it's all about how to build a brand that becomes known, that becomes referable, that has that extreme clarity. There's a six part method to becoming a known referable brand. One piece of that six part method is your Brand Blueprint, and I want to give you that one component of the framework for free. I'm going to give you that component of the framework. 

It walks through what I just shared, so that you can start looking at it for yourself. Accompanying that is a little mini training, so that you can see the visual. I'm going to walk you through my Human Design chart and my Gene Keys Profile to really show you what I’m talking about in this blog post. 

For free. 

The reason that I'm doing that is that I want to give you a taste of what's possible when you start to understand how to get to clarity. Now I’m going to be totally honest in that  I find that more often than not our clients need coaching support around their Brand Blueprint because our paradigms are still in the driver's seat. 

My live coaching is what really helps to go deeper into that level of clarity, so just keep that in mind.

Take the training! It’s free! You’re going to get your own Brand Blueprint that you can work with, but I really want you to consider then joining us and IGNITE Her Brand, so that I can actually help you with that clarity and then develop the other  five parts of the Referral Marketing Method.

Grab it here: www.julieciardi.com/blueprint 

I really want you to start doing this work. It's so incredibly powerful. Again, I highly recommend that you consider joining our program IGNITE Her Brand so that I can help you go deeper. 

I geek out on this because it's like  my soul is geeking out. It's like my soul is like, “you can finally hear me!” That's how I felt when I started to really get into the Gene Keys and Human Design, especially around my business, but in other areas too. I want to help you with your business because you are here to create freedom, fulfillment, and really love what you do, whether it's something you're working on full-time, it's your part-time side hustle, whatever it may be. I want you to feel the excitement of what clarity can bring for you in that it is literally nothing like clarity. 

Go grab your blueprint, and I am ready at the gate to help you go further!


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