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We all have a Personal Brand Archetype. It's who we are at our core, and it's really important to understand what yours is as a starting point to be able to fully embody your personal brand. You and your energy speak before any words come out of your mouth, and if you are trying to grow your business, you want to make sure that the energy that you're putting out there is so clear, so that your dream clients hear you, feel you, see you, and absolutely want to work with you. 

Your Personal Brand Archetype is the energy that you need to embody to be able to attract your dream clients. There's a lot of talk in the online space about being authentic, and we've kind of had that word a little bit wrong. I think we've kept it very, very basic that you need to be more authentically you versus being fake or trying to be like someone else. But, it goes way beyond that. 

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Being Authentic

Being authentic in your marketing is critical. Being authentic is literally an energy signature. You are either fully being who you really are, showing up for who you're meant to serve, and helping people with problems you're meant to solve, or you're not. The biggest problem in marketing and in the online space with truly being an authentic brand and in authenticity is that we’re often note sure of who we really are. We're not sure about what our true selves are really all about. I know that seems kind of crazy, but it's so true. And, how do I know this is true? Because the number one thing that I see women entrepreneurs struggling with is belief and confidence in themself, in their mission, and in their message on who they're here to help.

If you are so certain of who you are, who you're meant to serve, and that you have the ability to serve that audience and help to get them results, there'd be no confusion. You would have total confidence. You would be wanting to shout it from the rooftops of how you can help people. That is why doing this work to understand your Personal Brand Archetype is so important.

The reason there's confusion on what really being authentic means in your brand, in your online presence, and in your marketing is because most women don't truly know who they are, what they're capable of, what their main purpose, mission and messages are during their time here on the planet. As I see this struggle ensue, what has become really clear to me is the need to help female entrepreneurs get clarity on what an authentic brand really means.

In my pursuit of helping more women get to that clarity. The really fascinating thing is when you get more clarity, you get more confidence, and you get more courage. It just continues to grow. But, it's the clarity that creates the confidence and courage to put yourself out there. When we don't have clarity and we're sitting in confusion, you better believe we're not putting ourselves out there. In my pursuit of helping women get to this clarity, that is when the Gene Keys and Human Design came into my world as the perfect tool to help women truly step into their authentic self, which is their brand. Within my study of the Gene Keys and Human Design, there's one spot in particular that is absolutely revealing when it comes to your Personal Brand Archetype. It's called the Profile in Human Design. In the Gene Keys, interestingly enough, it doesn't have a name in the, but it’s the lines inside of your Activation Sequence in the Gene Keys.

Now, if you don't know what that means, don't worry. You don't have to. I can teach you that! That's what I do with my clients. What I'm here to tell you is that both in your Gene Keys Profile and in your Human Design Body Graph, your Personal Brand Archetype is right there. There are 12 possible archetypes. I'm a 2-4, for example. There are 12 combinations of two numbers that create your profile in Human Design, aka, your Personal Brand Archetype. Knowing what mine is, has completely altered not just how I show up from an authentic brand standpoint, but it also showed me exactly where my gaps were in my marketing and my sales. It has been gold!

I see so many coaches and consultants that feel like they are putting themselves out there and not getting the sales or the clients. I’m finding that they're very confused because they are consistently putting themselves out there. That was me. I really thought I was being my authentic brand, but it's not about being real or not real. It was about actually understanding my energy. There are different energies. Some energies can totally attract a stranger that will buy from them. Some energies, some of these Personal Brand Archetypes, have absolutely no problem selling to strangers, other Personal Brand Archetypes. It's very challenging to sell to strangers.

When you think of the online space, what is currently being most recommended? I see so much out there about evergreen funnels, and putting Facebook and Instagram ads out there. Well, ads go to cold audience strangers. You can do ads to your warm audience or you can do them to a cold audience as a way to get new leads so you can get more eyeballs on your content and brand. Well, if you have a brand archetype that doesn't do well selling directly to strangers, you need a different strategy for sales and marketing. Now, if you have the brand archetype that absolutely can sell to strangers, well then Facebook ads to cold audiences are going to be amazing for you. Do you see how different that is? Interestingly enough, not being able to sell to strangers or having that energy and alignment is my brand archetype, and that really has become so clear to me that that’s the case for me and my brand.

It is truly about creating a connection, community, and building relationships. That is why live launching worked so well for me, but cold ads into a funnel to sell, not so much. Now that I know that one piece of information, it’s changing so much in my business. That’s just one sliver of what knowing your Personal Brand Archetype can help with.

There's so many other elements that are key, and I'm going to give you a very brief view of the six lines that make up the 12 combinations of Personal Brand Archetypes so that you begin to get a sense for how different they can be from each other. This is why when we think about why things work for some brands online and for others they don't. It's this energy. It's the energy that creates either the magnetic effect or the repelling effect. It's important to understand this. Some of it you probably know innately, but we're so conditioned by our past, by how we were raised, by the culture that we're in that we tend to not see who we are really meant to be energetically.

The Personal Brand Archetypes are a fantastic way for you to create that foundation for yourself in your brand and in your business to know energetically how you're going to be perceived by others. And there may be some things you need to do for yourself so that you show up energetically in a really strong way. That's how powerful these Personal Brand Archetypes are.

Let’s dig in!

Line 1

It's the investigator, the creator, the researcher, the authority, the individual, someone that creates foundations for people. The line one just goes so in depth. They are the entrepreneur, they are the creator, they are the ones that are actually developing the new thing or they are such a deep authority in something very specific. 

One of my dear friends, Tracy O'Malley, she is an Enneagram expert. Her profile is a 5-1 and that Line 1 comes out so loud and clear in terms of the depth that she can go into around the Enneagram because she has this super solid foundation and understanding, investigating and researching every aspect of it and bringing that forward to people. Not everyone has a line one in their profile. It's really important to know. For me, I don't have a Line 1. I'm a 2-4, so I'm not meant to go super into depth around one particular topic, or one particular tool. 

If you have a Line 1 in the first part of your profile, you would be either a profile 1-3 or a 1-4. It's important to really understand your Personal Brand Archetype because the first number, you're usually pretty aware of it. The second number, you're less aware of it. It's kind of this unconscious side of you. The 1-3 and the 1-4 profiles have the Line 1 at the beginning, and then there’s the 5-1 profile that has the 1 Line in the second part. These are the three Personal Brand Archetypes that have a Line 1 in them.

Line 2

It is the hermit, the dancer, the natural, the wise one, the genius. Now the thing with the Line 2 is that things seem to just come naturally. Line 2s don't need to have it all figured out. They don't have to know all the details and know everything. It's very different than a Line 1. The wisdom, the genius for a Line 2 actually comes through from spending time alone, retreating, and time alone creates a depth of understanding that then gets revealed in this very natural way back out into the brand, back out into the world. Because the Line 2 has a projected energy, people actually can feel the natural talent and they want a piece of it. People want a piece of what you have. Line 2 is all about flow.

Do you see how different that is in its energy and its feel than a Line 1.

Now, as we go onto Line 2, you could be a 2-4, 2-5, 5-2, 6-2 profile. Those are the four Personal Brand Archetypes that have a Line 2 in them.

Line 3

You could either be a 1-3, 3-5, 3-6, or 6-3 profile. I love the Line 3 because it’s all about trial and error. It's about learning from each experience. It's the scientists, the explorer, the experimenter, the internal innovator going through enough trial and error for themself. It's all about change and trying something new. These brands really learn through experimenting and through experiences. That experiential learning is critical because that's how you help others. You can show them which potholes to step over, which steps they can skip. The challenge for the Line 3 is to not give up.

If you have a Line 3 in your profile, you can see how that's very different from a Line 2 or a Line 1. Which is why it's so important that we take the time to understand what our Personal Brand Archetype is. Because, your energy will be felt before anyone hears you speak, before they read your email, before they see your post on social media. Your energy's going to come through and it's really important to understand your Personal Brand Archetype for that very reason.

Line 4

If you have a Line 4 in your brand, you are either a 4-1, 4-6, 1-4, or a 2-4 profile. The fourth line is this network or this influencer, the server, the opportunist, the salesperson, and the Line 4 is really awesome at creating opportunities for themself. These opportunities though, are going to come from your closest network rather than the strangers or the cold audience like I was sharing earlier. With a Line 4, you're going to want to cultivate deep and supportive relationships because that's where your opportunities are going to come from. A Line 4 brand is going to love to speak on things, and share within their close network. They want to be comfortable, if that makes sense. You also have a very friendly BFF type energy. So, the Line 4 can create very much an influencer role.

I don't necessarily mean influencers like on Instagram. I mean an influencer in that people listen to you. They listen to you and what you recommend. So, you can see that energy being really important in your marketing.

Line 5

The profiles that have a Line 5 in them are a 5-1, 5-2, 2-5, and 3-5. The 5th Line energy is really powerful. The Line 5 energy is known as the leader, the heretic, the solutioner, the external innovator. Line 5 is all about practical solutions, and even creating new ones. It can take very complex topics and artfully put them into simple solutions. Line 5s are here to change the world and have lots of charisma. Many of the most charismatic politicians are probably a Line 5.

The Line 5 is a projected energy, which means people sense that you are a leader and that you can probably solve their problems. People can feel that from you. And as such, the Line 5 absolutely can sell to strangers because they can feel it. People can feel that energy even though they don't know you yet. That's the key. A 2-4, which is what I am, that's not the case. You’ve got to get to know me. I’ve got to be in your world, and we have to create a connection. Then, people can see that I can be that natural influencer. But, Line 5s have a pretty cool gift that they’re able to have impact without even speaking. People can feel it.

Line 6

You can be a 6-2, 6-3, 3-6, or 4-6 profile. The Line 6 is the role model, the teacher, the visionary. You are absolutely here to change the world, but it might take some time to get there because Line 6 is going to go through some phases and stages and some experiences. It’s kind of like this gradual growth and awareness, and you're acquiring wisdom through the different phases of your life of your business, and it helps you then be able to create mastery from that experience. Then you can be the teacher and role model as a result. 

I like to think of it as visionary. You can see the big picture. Line 6 brands definitely have a very healthy dose of transformational type energy. People can feel that. Bob Proctor had a Line 6 in his brand, and that could absolutely be felt.

How to Go Deeper on This!

We're just scratching the surface of this, and there's so much more I want to teach you. I just did a training on this that went much deeper, and I would love for you to go and check out the replay of the training. I go much deeper in each of the lines and these different archetypes, and how to find out what yours is! That's what's going to be so incredibly powerful for you. It's great to know this information, but you’ve got to know what yours is. What is your profile?

What is your Personal Brand Archetype so that you can make sure that you're bringing your true, authentic self into your brand, but also that you understand where there might be some gaps in your sales and marketing because of energetically who you are. It's really powerful.

I'm really excited for you to take a look!

Watch the replay here: www.julieciardi.com/workshop

If you want to be able to either work with me directly on finding your Personal Brand Archetype, I am opening up for the first time in a very long time, 1:1 opportunities. I basically do a reading of your Gene Keys Profile of your Human Design Body Graph, and we look at your Personal Brand Archetype amongst some other elements to help you get clarity on your brand. I have limited availability for that.

Check it out here: www.julieciardi.com/personalbrand

You could also look to join IGNITE Her Brand, which is more of a group program that is really aimed at helping you with your Personal Brand Archetype, and getting your brand to be more authentically you. You will learn our Referral Marketing Method, so that you can create that referable brand which allows new leads to come effortlessly to you based on your Personal Brand Archetype. It’s so powerful!

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