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Today we're going to talk about a part of your Gene Keys Profile. If you do not have your Gene Keys Profile, please go and grab yours.

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What I recommend is that you get yours and you download it so that you have it. You can also take a picture or a screenshot of it and also save it to your phone. I reference mine all the time. I want to walk you through your primary challenge, but also the primary path for a quantum leap. 

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The Activation Sequence

After you have your profile, I want you to look at your Life's Work and your Evolution spheres. You're going to see a number in each of the spheres from one through 64 and then there'll be a decimal point and a number from one through six after that. If you are familiar with Human Design, the Gene Keys are the Human Design gates in your Body Graph. They're the same thing, but we're looking at it in a quite unique way that can help you get a faster transformation, a faster awakening, a faster path to realization so that you can get better results in your life.

The Gene Keys are such an incredible starting point and path for unblocking your primary paradigms and patterns, that you're here to learn in your lifetime. If you're looking at your profile, you're going to see a lot of circles and numbers. I want you to follow me in that we're looking at your Life's Work, which is at the top that is connected to your Evolution, which then goes across the whole profile to your Radiance and then down to your Purpose. Those four spheres. This week we're going to talk about your Life's Work and Evolution. Those four spheres make up your Incarnation Cross and your profile in Human Design. If Human Design is something you're familiar with and you've kind of started to look at that, your Activation Sequence in the Gene Keys, which are those four green spheres, they are your Incarnation Cross combined with your profile. This is such an important place to focus and look. In fact, this is where I like to start with my clients because it’s simple!

In this blog post, we are going to talk primarily about your Life’s Work and Your Evolution. There will be a follow up blog post where we dive deeper into your Radiance and Purpose. The whole Activation Sequence, your Incarnation Cross, these four spheres make up 70% of who you are, which means it can make upwards of 70% of the limiting beliefs holding you back. On the flip side, it can make up to 70% of the gifts you're meant to embody and share in the world.

Your Life's Work & Evolution

Your Life's Work and your Evolution, these two Gene Keys, these two gates in Human Design, they are programming partners. They are the biggest pattern that can hold you back. How powerful is that?

If you think about your Life's Work and your Evolution spheres as being your biggest paradigm, they also can reveal the gifts you're meant to help people with here on the planet. When you are aware of these patterns, you can take action to see results.

Make sure to listen to the corresponding episode of the BRAND podcast. I give some real life client examples of how they’ve seen transformations from becoming more aware of their primary paradigms of their Life’s Work and Evolution.

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Now let’s take a look at the Gene Keys combined with the lines. The line is that one through six in the dot after your Gene Key. The line is your public role. It's how others see you, how you see you. If you think about your frequency dials being your Gene Keys, when you change the frequency of your Gene Keys, the role you are playing on the planet changes. You become more magnetic when those frequency dials are turned to that higher state and you become more repellent when they are turned down. So, you can see how powerful this is because it affects your magnetism in your marketing and in your relationships.

I get so passionate about this tool because I really believe it's the missing piece in personal development. We consume, consume, consume content that motivates us and that inspires us. That’s just information. It can be consuming information from books, a course or masterclass we’ve invested in, working with coaches, etc. Some of it is pure information. Information does not create transformation. If you work with a coach, yes you can absolutely through their expertise, you can get a transformation if they're a good coach. But, I think there's a missing piece. I believe there's a missing piece and it's a tool that helps you know you better so that you can self-coach yourself. It allows yout to take information, get coaching, and then use this tool to really solidify that transformation to get to the quantum leap. Information alone will not cause a transformation.

I love coaching. I am a coach. But, coaching alone is not sustainable forever. I kind of joke about this, but when you work with a coach, maybe you're with them for an hour a week tops, but you have to spend all the rest of the time with yourself. You're always with you. You need to learn how to self-coach yourself so that you can practice being in that higher frequency of your particular paradigm. When you can do that, you can create the results that you want. It’s really powerful.

How to Go Deeper

If this has resonated, if you are curious about this, then I want you to join me in the workshops that I'm holding. If you're catching this after the workshops are over, that's okay. Sign up and you'll get immediate access to the workshops and the workbook. I have a really powerful workbook that's going to help you go through this process with the workshops that I've created to help you start this process with the Gene Keys.

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If you are even remotely curious that this is something you want to take a look at, your body, your mind is telling you, maybe it’s even your soul telling you that this is something to explore. The better we know ourselves, the better we understand our own particular potholes, the better we can avoid them. We can go through them and out of them and get awareness, and actually work to become our highest frequency self. The highest version of who we're meant to be. Because if we are going to fulfill our purpose, our unique purpose on this planet, we need help. We can't do it all alone. No matter what you believe from a spirituality standpoint or religious standpoint, there's one common thread across every human on this planet – We have to look inside and we have to transform ourselves. We were given more gifts and potential than we can ever utilize in this lifetime, and it's our duty to determine what those potentials are, to unlock them, and to step into them. That's the power of the Gene Keys. You can unlock your unique potential and get yourself on the right pathway to prosperity. The pathway to prosperity is 100% unique to you, and it's one that is outlined for you in your Gene Keys Profile.

The way in which we prosper in our time on this planet is by working so deeply on us so that we are the best version we can be of us, so that we can serve the whole. That’s the way that we make money. When you work with the Gene Keys, you're going to unlock the answer to the question, “how am I here to serve the whole?” How you're here to serve the whole is the answer to your satisfaction, your peace, and your success. It's the answer to making money on this material planet, because we live in a time where we do need money.

So, I highly invite you to come and let me guide you through your Gene Keys Profile with this workbook, with this course, and begin your journey of unlocking your potential to answer the call of your prosperity path.

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If you want to work directly with me on your brand, or perhaps you want to explore the Gene Keys and your unique profile, you can find it all at www.igniteherbrand.com.

Build your brand, grow your business. Hope to work with you very soon.

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