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podcast graphic I have learned so much about myself and my marketing by learning Human Design. I poo-pooed it initially, and I really wish I hadn't because I would've learned a lot of these lessons much earlier on. What I can tell you is that by following my Human Design, and most specifically three aspects of it.

  1. The first being what my Profile is. I like to call it Brand Type. I'm a 2/4 Natural Influencer. There are 12 Brand Types that someone can be.
  2. The second aspect is being an Express Builder, which is also called a Manifesting Generator. In addition to that, there are things about my design that show that I am meant to message entrepreneurs who are willing to do the work, and go through trial and error to have the business they desire.
  3. Lastly, people need to hear my voice. People need to hear my voice, or it's not going to result in me being able to be the Natural Influencer.

There has been so much more that I’ve learned from studying my Human Design. These are just aspects from a marketing and sales standpoint that are incredible. Knowing these things about myself has led to huge breakthroughs.

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My Go To Strategy: The Live Launch

My entire six years in business, I have not wanted to do consults. Especially as a 2/4 the Line 2 in me does not want a full calendar. I had a full calendar for decades at IBM and I wanted to have freedom. I didn't want to have a week full of booked consults. Therefore, I've been building my business in a way that doesn't require sales calls.

That can be challenging because the higher ticket offer that you have may lead to someone wanting to potentially talk to you. So, this has been something that I have really tried to figure out. What's worked for me is live launching. Live launching works for me because I'm live. People could hear my voice. As a 2/4, people want to feel connected to me before they're going to ever buy from me. That strategy has always worked very well for me in the past. However, things have changed in the online space and people have become more discerning.

They've been down 500 webinar funnels at this point, right? Ever since the pandemic. You don't even have to be an entrepreneur or targeting entrepreneurs. This is the experience people have. People are used to opting in and getting a free offer, and then maybe going to a webinar and maybe there's an upsell. We've seen the show so many times and we know how it ends. We could say the words verbatim. We're not interested. I do believe that live launching is even more important than ever.

How I've Decided to Switch it Up

woman leaning up agains a wall I just wrapped my first live launch of 2024, and I took a very different approach this time. I wanted to position it in a super valuable way because I knew I wanted my clients to attend because I know how important community and connection are for me. What I decided to do was to run my brand new masterclass as a free trial. I put together a masterclass that I would've given to my clients, and opened it up with a free trial to the public to come and see what we're all about. Come see how I teach, come see what my community is, come and experience this and that free trial will end in nine days.

I really positioned things very, very differently and it felt really good and aligned. People really loved being a part of that. Part of what I was sharing in the masterclass is how much things have changed. There are major trends that are happening right now. I already kind of mentioned one. People are on to how this all works, and you have to be more authentic, more real and more connected than ever and more valuable than ever. Also, people want a more personalized experience. They want more connection rather than more flat evergreen and automated stuff.

One of the things that I knew I wanted to do this round of opening up and selling my programs was that I was adding a high ticket offer, which was to work with me 1:1 and with limited spots. I also had a brand new offer called Her Design School. Then , I had my traditional signature offer, which is my group program, IGNITE Her Brand. I knew that people want to know more. They don't necessarily just want to be told, here's the link, come sign up. At the same time, I really wasn't wanting to fill my whole calendar with consults.

My Solution: VideoAsk

Woman excitedly working at computer I had heard of VideoAsk, and I had been meaning to try it out. It is a web-based software, and it just allows you to have a video. It could be audio too, but it's an application process where I'm talking to you, I'm walking you through the process, we are having a conversation together and you're filling out the application.

Then, when the person submits the application, I'm then responding directly to them based on their application. I could do it audio or I could do video. I chose video because I know that as a 2/4 on video, looking someone in the eye is really important for that connection, not just for them, but for me too! This was a game changer. Now, I did give people the option based on how they answered their questions that they had the opportunity to potentially book a 20 minute consult with me, but the crazy cool thing is that no one really wanted it. They loved being able to just go back and forth through the VideoAsk software. It was the coolest thing.

They would ask a question, and then I would circle back and answer it. We just had this dialogue, and it was very short. It was very quick for most people. VideoAsk became this incredible tool to be able to have a dialogue and to be able to use my voice to connect with people heart to heart, and it was a game changer for this launch. I am over the moon with how this worked, and I have all these other ideas now of how I'm going to try to bring this into my business because people are craving this. They're craving that connection.

I highly invite you to check it out at julieciardi.com/videoask

I plan on using it to get client testimonials as well. You can create a VideoAsk where you're asking your clients for a video or audio testimonial, and then you've got it and you can download it and use it. It is incredible. I don't think I've even begun to scratch the surface with how we can use this.

It's All About Connection

woman sitting at table reading notes I think that where the market's going, people want connection. They’re craving it more than ever. They want to know that the person on the other end of what they're investing in is really who they say they are. They want to be certain of that, especially if you're a personal brand. I think that we're going to see massive changes in where things are too evergreen and too automated. People are going to miss this opportunity. I really think that there's a lot of people like me who do not want to book a call.

I hate getting on sales calls. I hate giving sales calls and I hate actually being on one. I don't enjoy the process. Also, it doesn't go with half of us when it comes to our Human Design. Half of use really need to wait for our emotional wave to calm down before we make a decision. What typically happens on a sales call is they get you all pumped up and then you have to buy right now. That is not how we're supposed to make decisions. If I'm going to practice Human Design, I have to make sure that I'm also offering my sales process in a way that allows people to have their decision making intact. It’s really important. It feels really good from an integrity standpoint.

If all of this has sparked any interest and you want to check it out, you can go to mine! It’s julieciardi.com/apply.

You can check out how I’ve set up mine and see what the process is like.

I don't think VideoAsk is that new, but I feel like I’m using it in a new way. I'm addressing the pain point in the market, which is those that do not want a sales call to make a decision and those that do not want to just click a link. This is that happy medium of being able to talk to someone without having to book a call, without having to feel the pressure. I am all here for it!

Alright, go and check it out, my friends, and see how it might work for your business.

I hope that this post brought you clarity in building your personal brand. Why is that important? Because as a coach or a consultant, you are the product. You are the brand. If you want to work directly with me on your brand or perhaps you want to explore Human Design and your unique profile, you can find it all at igniteherbrand.com.

Build your brand, grow your business. Hope to work with you very soon.

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