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We are on our official first blog post of the new format! This is where I get to interview women who have created brands doing amazing things in the world. They are sharing their story of how they built their brand and really being honest about what's worked and what hasn't when it comes to marketing and sales, what they've learned about themself as they've gone through, and lastly how they envision their brand growing from here.

This week I am interviewing Jen Laffin. She is an amazing coach that I met on LinkedIn. In this corresponding interview which you can listen to on my podcast, BRAND, you’ll hear all about how LinkedIn is working for her and how she really helps people with accountability. She is helping them do hard things, and actually seeing them through.

Come back on Thursday when I’ll add a follow up post where I use Jen’s Human Design and bodygraph to reflect back to you some very interesting things that she will say here in this episode and how it relates to her Human Design. She's truly living her design.

Listen to the Corresponding Podcast Episode:

Value Over Everything!

I have this saying that I share with my clients, which is to give so much value to a prospective client before they ever pay you a dollar and Jen is such a prime example of that! Jen Laffin is a success mentor. She works with goal setters, helping them become goal getters. She loves to practice accountability in a way that doesn’t provoke anxiety. One of the things that she tries to do is help people do really hard things by learning how to navigate the discomfort that comes with leaving their comfort cave. She likes to say her sweet spot comes in at the point between “I'm not sure I can do this,” and “look what I did,” and helping people really do those things that they think are impossible because nothing really is impossible. The only way that we're not going to reach our goals is if we quit.

Jen's Go To Marketing & Sales Strategies

Jen started getting active on LinkedIn around March 2023. She started posting daily and went as far as to make a 30 day posting plan for herself. She knew she wanted to post for consistency and didn’t want to give her brain a chance to say that she had nothing to write about so she could skip it.

What has worked really well for her is building relationships with people. Every Monday she puts up an accountability post and offers her followers to post about what they’d like to accomplish that week and what they’d like some accountability for. Then, she checks in with them and posts a celebration post on Saturdays and invites people to come back and celebrate their wins for the week. If people don’t celebrate, she follows back up with them as to why they missed their goal. She likes to say to her clients that their success is her success, and helping them get there is pretty much why she’s in business to do what she does.

Jen shared that she always felt like she needed a plan, and so she spent a lot of money and a lot of time trying a lot of different things that didn't work well. She worked with gurus that said things would work, but when they didn’t she thought it was because of her.

Going back to LinkedIn, she is not someone to reach out to someone in the DMs and say, “Hey, what goals are you working on? Hire me as your accountability coach.” No, because to her, accountability is just such a personal thing and being able to be vulnerable requires a relationship with someone.

She then goes on to share that she used to be on Facebook and Instagram, but made the decision earlier this year to not be active on them as she feels those platforms don’t foster true relationships and true community. She is staying true to what she’s in total alignment with! As I always tell everyone, every platform works. It's a matter of it and being in alignment with you and what your strategy is. Jen’s strategy is connection. If it's going to be a real connection, LinkedIn is an incredible platform for that real connection, which is so beautiful. It's not about going viral.

Jen has found LinkedIn to be such a tremendous place to just share her thought leadership with people, and because it's different from what a lot of other people are saying, she’s drawing her people to her.

The Evolution of Jen

I know for me, when I look back at Julie five and half years ago that left IBM, I am not the same Julie that I am now. We’re meant to grow and evolve. In our interview, Jen shares that since starting and growing her business, she feels more comfortable using her voice. When she grew up, she was always told children are better seen than heard and not to draw too much attention to herself. She carried that with her for a long time in her business, and it kept her from using her voice.

What she’s also discovered is that in using her voice, she is helping other people use their voice because a little bit of bravery goes a long, long way. She’s not saying that it was easy, but she did it, and she knows that she’s helped other people do the same.

She’s also realized the importance of making decisions. Everything is data. Make a choice ,and if it doesn’t work, just try again. It’s so important to learn from your experiences. She shares how she has learned that doubt is actually a good thing because if she didn't see the doubt, she would just be doing things that she’s always done, and that doesn't mean she’s going to be growing.

About Jen Laffin

Jen Laffin is a Success Mentor who has spent the last 15+ years helping goal-setters become goal-getters. She teaches you how to doubt your doubt so that you can move out of your Comfort Cave toward new growth. She specializes in supporting those who struggle with procrastination, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome to develop self-accountability without angst. Jen is the host of The Flight School Podcast and founder of the Goal Getters Club.

Connect with Jen below!

I hope that this post brought you clarity in building your personal brand. Why is that important? Because as a coach or a consultant, you are the product. You are the brand. If you want to work directly with me on your brand or perhaps you want to explore Human Design, the Gene Keys, and your unique profile, you can find it www.igniteherbrand.com.

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