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Today, we’re going to look at Jen Laffin’s Human Design and share how she is living her design through her brand, through her business and through the lessons that she’s learned.

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We’re going to start with what Career Type Jen is. She is a Classic Builder, also known as a Generator in traditional Human Design. She is here to do work that she loves, as I'm sure you sensed her sharing that she wanted to do work that she loved.

Now, what was fascinating in talking with Jen was she shared about how she really had lots of different careers. She would get bored and then want to try something new. She also shared that she was really good at everything that she did. Remember she's a 6/2 Brand Type. The 6 line is what's called the tri-part life, and you’re living that pretty much up until almost the age of 40. There’s lots of experimentation, learning and trying lots of different things.

As she shared about having lots of different careers, she mentioned she was really good at them, but didn't love them. Naturally being good at something is where the line 2 comes in. Someone's saying that they've tried lots of different careers and they were really good at it, but got bored is such a 6/2 thing to say. Luckily, she was paying attention to her inner authority.

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Decision Making

Now, she has an emotional wait for clarity in decision making. So, she needs to wait until emotional waves have passed before making a decision. She was sharing how she just knew the signposts when she wasn't happy, when she was beginning to get bored or frustrated, it was time to make a move to the next thing. She's been really great in her life of following that inner guidance and the design that she has.

Being a Role Model

Being over 50, Jen is in the place where she is coming off the mountain and stepping into that true Line 6, which is the role model. What did you pick up on that Jen was an absolute natural at? She was a natural at being an accountability coach, a natural at connection, a natural at really being able to create those relationships with people. What's fascinating in looking at her design, she has 8 of her 9 centers defined. The only center that's not defined is her open inspiration, open head center. That's where we can question a lot of things. Sometimes that questioning when in an undefined space like that can really cause us to kind of get a little lost sometimes in what's right and what's not right.

So over time with what she shared with us, she's been really able to lean into where she does have the strength, and she's got a lot of strength in her design. She's got 8 out of 9 centers defined. So you can imagine how with that much definition, she could be an incredible accountability coach for others because she helps to connect other people's energy up with all those defined centers. I'd be so curious to run a lot of connection charts for her because she probably really does help people to have the energy, have the focus, have the ability to get things done in her presence.

Circuitry & Strengths

Now, a couple of other things that I wanted to share about Jen and what she shared is her circuitry. In looking at her design, she has individual circuitry. We like to call it energy in our community. It’s this energy and theme..

One of her themes is individual empowerment, which means she can empower others when she is empowered herself with her own individual knowing. Meaning, what Jen knows individually for herself, she's able to empower others with that knowing. She also has collective energy, collective circuitry. She's here to really share her experiences with others, which makes a lot of sense because she really wants to be able to lean into that 6/2 Brand Type. The 6 Line is all about sharing their experiences. If you look at Jen and all of her experiences, she even said she used the words, “I know I used to question all these different careers, all these different things that I was doing,” almost like it was a bad thing. She then goes on to say, “I know now that it is something that I was meant to do. I was meant to have all of these experiences to help others.” Talk about mind blown! That’s exactly what the 6 line is all about!

She also has tribal energy. She has one of the strengths, the 44-26, which is a tribal energy. She's here to really support the tribe and help them be able to achieve what they're achieving. Well, she’s an accountability coach helping people do hard things. She has a defined will center, so she's got a defined will center.

The tribal strength that she has, that 44-26 is all about surrender. It's about entrepreneurship. it's about the energy for sales and new ideas, and the potential to persuade the tribe, but through integrity and lessons from the past, which is really beautiful because that's what she's helping to create for her clients.

Now, I'll also share that she has another really important channel that is helping her. When she talked about, I asked her, what are some of the things you've learned about yourself over time in becoming an entrepreneur? And she said that she really learned to have a voice that is speaking her specific points that she wants to be able to share. Being able to be herself. Well, she has the strength of the 43-23. It's the strength of structuring, but what the gift here is the ability to verbally express individual knowingness, wisdom, insights, new approaches, new ways of doing things. Remember, she likes change. She talked about how she doesn't want to be bored and she wants to help her clients as well. This particular strength is tied from the conceptualization center into the communication center, really being able to express those ideas, verbal expression of those ideas coming from that individual, knowing what she's been able to know.

You can sense that even listening to her in that discussion, she had a strong voice. She had a strong knowing, right? That's that 43-23.

Jen's Core Four

In her Life's Work, she has leadership 31.6. She's meant to be a role model and leader for others. It's just such a beautiful thing when you get to look at someone's design and really get to see them in terms of what they're here to share and what they're here to bring out into the world.

Let's go over to another strength that she has. This particular strength also includes her Life's Work, and one that's worth looking at. Her Life's Work is the 41.6, and it's in the channel fully defined in the channel from the root to the emotional center. This particular strength is the intense desire to do something new. I mean, you heard her say that, right? I got bored. I was done with this. That wanting the new, they're powerful dreamers, offering new experiences and adventures to the collective. What is she trying to do? You heard her talking about it. She's trying to help people get out of the safety net, out of the comfort cave and out doing hard things.

But there is the potential for burnout with this particular, the other side of it, wanting to do something new but then getting burned out. And so she really, oh, in here it also talks about passion, imagination, creativity, innovation. That's that sixth line with that innovation and the passion is the two. She's here to be a passionate role model. I think you could hear the passion in her voice, that passion of the second line. And I think that she's such a great example of the six two, right, the six two, and really leaning into her strengths, a few of the other strengths that she has. I will share these with you as well. Again, being so fully defined, she's got strengths in different areas that are really powerful.

Her other strength, the 29-46, which is coming up out of the Energy Center into the Identity Center, is about perseverance, hard work and determination. That’s so amazing because that's exactly what she's talking about. She's talking about having perseverance, determination, and a sense that she’s here to hold you accountable and help you to do hard things. That's her whole mantra!

One last thing I want to share is that Jen's here to message the 6 lines. The 6 lines really want to have a role model where it's okay that they are trying different things. They're going through trial and error. They are working to gain their own wisdom through their experiences, and then be able to come down from the mountain and help share that wisdom with others. That's the six, and I love that. That's who Jen is here to help. Those 6 lines, and speaking to the 6 lines, one of the things that I'm going to keep an eye out in Jen's marketing, but to really be able to share that you're going to test and try and experience things in your life.

You're going to test something and see if it works and move on to the next. She's a role model for that. Therefore, it's perfect that she can be a role model for other Line 6’s as they're going through their process of trial and error, exploring, gaining their own wisdom so that they can come down and help others.

I just loved Jen's design. I've loved being able to share this with you.

About Jen Laffin

Jen Laffin is a Success Mentor who has spent the last 15+ years helping goal-setters become goal-getters. She teaches you how to doubt your doubt so that you can move out of your Comfort Cave toward new growth. She specializes in supporting those who struggle with procrastination, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome to develop self-accountability without angst. Jen is the host of The Flight School Podcast and founder of the Goal Getters Club.

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